Thursday, April 16, 2009


City Executive: Mayor Doug England

The mayor exercises the executive authority of the city (IC 36-4-4-3) and is primarily concerned with its day-to-day operations. The executive authority is often exercised through the board of works and safety, city departments and the heads of those departments.

Powers and Duties:

The mayor is responsible for the overall operation of city government

The mayor's powers and duties include:

* enforcing the ordinances of the city and the statutes of the state * ensuring efficient government of the city

* conduct monthly meetings of department heads, adopt rules and requlations for individual departments, and arrange for unannounced audits of the accounts of each department (IC 36-4-5 through 7)

* providing a statement of the finances and general condition of the city to the common council at least once a year

* providing any information regarding city affairs that the common council requests

* recommending, in writing, to the common council actions that he or she considers proper

* signing all bonds, and contracts of the city and all licenses issued by the city

The mayor serves for a term of four years, and the office is not subject to term limits. A person is eligible to serve as mayor if he or she has resided in the city for one year prior to the election (IC 3-1-8-26). If the mayor ceases to be a resident of the city, he or she forfeits the office of mayor (IC 36-4-5-2).

Mayor England's job is not to Tax and Spend!