Friday, April 17, 2009


At the request of the White House, Georgetown University covered up all the symbols in Gaston Hall, before Obama spoke, including IHS, the millennia-old monogram for the name Jesus Christ.

The Latin trigraph IHS -- Iesus Hominum Salvator -- Jesus, savior of men is such a beautiful and simple way to remember Our Lord.

Barack, have you not read the Sacred Scriptures?

Jesus told us if we acknowledge him then he will acknowledge us before the Father yet if we deny Him then He will deny us before the Father.

Why did you deny Christ his place?


Why do you wish "IHS to be covered, blocked off, and painted over like some obscene graffiti on the side of a building?

Is the Holy Name of Jesus obscene to you?

We certainly hope not!

Even the demons will bend the knee at the Name of Jesus.

St. Paul wrote in his letter to Obama: I have no idea what Jeremiah Wright taught you sir, but this lack of devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus is highly disturbing!

To Georgetown University we have a simple message:

Grow a pair.

You should be ashamed to give in to earthly rulers and acquiesce to such shameful symbolism.

You are supposed to be a Catholic Institution of higher learning and this means you may not give a platform for those espousing error or hersey to speak!

You Georgetown Jesuits need a long retreat to a monastery to rediscover what the Society of Jesus is truly about. Some actual practice of the Spiritual Exercises your founder, St. Ignatius Loyola, recommended would be useful to save your souls.

Why is the Society of Jesus refusing to defend the very Name of the Son of God on which your order was founded?

This is totally disgusting!