Sunday, March 29, 2009



This agreement for Services (this "Agreement) is made and entered this 1st day of January, 2009, by and between Shane L. Gibson d/b/a/ Gibson Law Office, LLC (the "Gibson"), and the City of New Albany (hereafter referred to as "City"). Gibson and City agree as follows:

1. Gibson is an independent contractor for the City and shall be paid $12,500.00 per month.

2. Gibson shall be the head of the Legal Department.

3. Gibson has agreed to not take on additional clients in his private practice in order to devote his ultimate time to the City.

4. Gibson shall be responsible for all his federal and state taxes. The City is not responsible for any obligations with respect to taxes for Gibson (i.e. employer contributions) since Gibson is an independent contractor.

5. Gibson shall be responsible for any retirement of his choosing. City shall not be participating and/or making payments to PERF on behalf of Gibson.

6. City shall provide Gibson with a 1099 for tax purposes.

7. City shall provide Gibson space for an office and the use of the City Attorney's budget for costs associated with the City Legal Department and it's operations.

8. City shall provide Gibson an administrative assistant to assist in the duties relating to the legal Department.

9. City shall pay and/or provide for professional liability insurance for Gibson. Gibson shall pay all other costs associated with maintaining his attorney license.

10. Gibson shall pay for all continuing education requirements which are not directly related to Municipal Government and its operations.

11. Gibson and/or his family shall participate in the health insurance and other insurance policies and plans offered by the city.

12. Gibson's duties and responsibilities shall include, but not limited to, attendance at respective board meetings for the City Departments, City Council meetings, research legal issues and render legal opinions, and draft legal documents, enforce ticket and ordinance violations.

13. Gibson shall be available during normal business hours for work related to the City.

14. This contract shall terminate at the will of either party upon notice of two (2) months.

Date: January 1, 2009 - Douglas B. England, Sr. Mayor City of New Albany
Date: January 1, 2009 - Shane L. Gibson, Attorney

Freedom of Speech would like to say:

* Our calculator shows: 12 months X $12,500 = $150,000 annual cost to us taxpayers, not counting insurance benefits, an office and cost of an administrative assistant.

* Was this contract advertised to take bids?

* Will Mr. Gibson also receive commission on bonds or the refinancing of bonds by the City of New Albany?

* In our opinion, the truth of this whole sorry ass agreement should be: that until everyone sees England for what he is, inept, arrogant, and a danger in any position of power...

Let your council members know what you think, "it's your money!"

Contact information for:

City Council President
Dan Coffey
Home: (812) 949-1262
Cell: 502-797-8347

Diane Benedetti
Home: (812) 945-6240
Cell: 989-7179

Jeff Gahan
Home: (812) 949-9314
Cell: 987-3262

Patrick (Pat) McLaughlin
Home: (812) 949-9140
Cell: 987-5218 or 421-3257

John Gonder
Home: (812) 944-3121
Cell: 502-500-3333

Jack Messer
Home: (812) 949-9638
Cell: 727-6809

Steve Price
Home: (812) 941-9032

Robert (Bob) Caesar
Home: (812) 945-8744
Work: (812) 944-3133

Kevin Zurschmiede
Home: (812) 945-7827
Cell: 664-9181

Our final thoughts.

To our City Council members:

You each took an oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States, the laws of Indiana, Charter of the City of New Albany, and to represent us taxpayers. It is NOW time for YOU 9 members to stand up and DO the job we PAY you to do!