Sunday, March 15, 2009


In all fairness we will list Mayor England's top accomplishments since he took office in 2008:

1. Raise for Mayor England

2. Raise for Deputy Mayor Carl Malysz

3. Raise for City Clerk Marcey Wisman

4. Hired two Deputy Mayors

5. Mayor England:
* Bought himself a NEW city car
* Bought a NEW city car for Deputy Mayor Malysz
* Has taken three personal vacations and trip to China

6. Raise for Mickey Thompson, Street Department

7. Raise for Kelly Welch, Manager of Billing Department

8. Raise for April Dickey, Billing Department

Sorry folks, we have been watching our tax dollars for several months, and still can not come up with even one positive accomplishment.

Maybe we will have better luck in the next three years, Nahhh.

Looks like three more years of his "status quo". In other words SSDY (same shit just a different year).

Contact Mayor England at: let's all tell him what a GREAT job he's doing...spending our tax dollars!