Tuesday, March 24, 2009


"REVOLT AT THE STATEHOUSE" to be held on Wednesday, March 25, 2009, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the North Atrium.

Now more than ever,
Hoosiers need each other.

Dear New Albany Taxpayers:

The state of our country, state and city is in CRISIS!

The focus of the "Revolt" is the anger the average citizen has with government at all levels which has been captured by big money interests and does not listen to ordinary citizens.

People are angry as they see their hard-earned money being taken to give out to failing companies, like AIG and others.

"In Indianapolis, leadership of both the Republican and Democratic Parties is deeply involved in a corporate welfare culture that silences even the most well-meaning party member who dare speak out for the interest of the taxpayers."

Citizens are fed up with the back door deals and lack of transparency in how government operates.

"The Revolt will include a call for ethics reform, including conflicts of interest, many of these politicians have need to be exposed and ended.

We should not have our elected officials using their positions to make themselves and their friends richer at the expense of taxpayers."

Come join your fellow Hoosiers for the Revolt at the Statehouse!

Bring your families and share with them, history in the making.

You've relied upon this blog and others, for updates on the property tax crisis. As you read this, be assured that friends in the legislature have made it perfectly clear, that, public presence on Wednesday will make all the difference, and bolster the confidence of legislators to do what is right...

For better or worse, history is made by those who are present!

One group that's been missing from the public debate and therefore consideration, isn't a lobby or special interest group. It's a "general interest group" of citizens, who call themselves Hoosiers, who have been missing for far too long.

This is one of "those moments" in history, a designational crossroads that will be viewed retrospectively; from either a vibrant altitude of possibility, or a condescend platitude of the status quo "can't do attitude."

That very decision, concerning the destination of our country, state, and city.

Real people are being oppressed by our government and powerful people are standing in the way of immediate relief and permanent reform.

Our friends in the legislature tell us that public presence makes a big difference. Shining the spotlight on the legislature frightens the crooks into honesty, persuades those who are wavering, and gives courage to our friends.

We need to fill the inside of the Indiana State House so that our legislators have to go through a crowd to get to the House chambers.

We're all busy making a living...Right?

We know ~ we all are!


"Too busy" is not a good answer to an emergency call, when you're imperiled and need someone to respond.


As you consider this request, hear that person's voice of reason and recognition, who has always been able to rally "your conscience" when it's important for you to be there.

Make no mistake about it, the time is now for you and all of us to be there.

Freedom Of Speech again has organized another large group of New Albany taxpayers to make the trip. Come join all of us this Wednesday March 25, 2009 in Indianapolis and show yourselves to be the "little people" they've forgotten.

New Albany Taxpayers!