Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Our government should withdraw the bailout money and let AIG go bankrupt.

Let these greedy bastards stand in front of a bankruptcy judge and see how much bonus they could get from a worthless company.

Why are we taxpayers still paying for these failures to get million dollar bonuses while other Americans are being thrown in the streets?

We say: Publish the names, positions, bonuses and hometown of every AIG employee who is benefiting from a bailout-funded bonus. Then let disgruntled taxpayers vent their anger and scorn in words!

In China they would be swing from the, we give them bonus so they can keep their accountants and lawyers employed.

The contract stuff is all bullshit!

The way we see it, it's one crook agreeing on paper to give another crook in the same crooked company money they're stealing from you and us.

Our thinking is this:

There is no excuse for our government to not have gone over the books to see what was in these contracts, or thrown a clause into the bailout agreement.

This is our government at work, we are constantly told how great a nation we are, how we are the best, and here this great nation couldn't have some smart people overseeing a bailout?

Well folks, were not sure anyone in Washington can read. They sure don't read the bills they vote for.

Forgive us, but didn't these bonuses get paid out last Friday 3-13-2009, who was President last Friday? Bush or Obama?

We think Obama was completely disingenuous when he sent Turbo-tax cheat Geither out to "block" bonus that had already been paid out!

Their "bonus" money is plenty enough to build a max security prison for the AIG-Bunch and others.

Don't you agree?

Our final thought:

How confident now are you the Stimulus money will be spent and overseen?????