Sunday, March 01, 2009


When local politicians care more about staying in power and their party controlling the city and council, the system is broken.

When some local Council members care more about keeping Mayor England happy than actually doing what is right for their constituents, the system is broken.

When politics become a career and not a service to our community, the system is broken.

We the people should not give up our rights and our voices to a bunch of "IDIOTS" who still feels it is "them first, and the HELL with us citizens."

Right...Mr. Mayor?

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

In fairness "to all other city employees", the newly approved salary increases for the "three employees" should be rescinded.

Is it true the Board President is not a resident of New Albany?

If so, Mr. Carroll will NOT be paying the fees to fund these salary increases.

We demand accountability from our Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Board Members and Controller.

So, clean out your desk, turn over the keys, credit cards, and get the "Hell Out of Our Town!"