Thursday, May 22, 2008


NA Shadow Council produced a great question and a direct comment to the Mayor.

Question and comment made:

Mr. Mayor:

If you wish to accomplish your stated goals and if you are sincere, you must abandon your imperial mayorality. You need to break a sweat, attend the council meetings, and advocate personally for your initatives. As a respected, but unelected functionary, Mr. Malysz can no longer wield your scepter. The council has spoken, as they are entitled to. Whether their actions are wise or frivolous, your disconnection from council cannot continue if you hope to be an effective mayor.

If this whole thing was not so sad it would ALMOST be funny!

Freedom Of Speech would like to enlighten you:

If you had done your homework NA Shadow Council, you would know "Mayor 54" has a standing reservation each Thursday evening playing "tennis in Louisville!"

Source: Douglas B. England

If you were not so concerned, for your own personal agenda, One-way to Two-way Downtown streets Price tag of $2,000,000 you would know these facts.

England is an elected official. He's in that office as a paid employee of the taxpayers of the city. Which he has already forgotten. That office, despite what he or he's lemmings may believe, is not an inalienable right.

Regardless of your feelings on this issue, this is an abuse of the process and a mockery of the altruistic persona that England attempts to convey.

Malysz use of the newspaper as a pulpit for their agenda is pathetic and any intelligent citizen of New Albany can see the hypocrisy if they followed Malysz's words and actions.

Council, by being manipulated for parochial interest by Mr. Malysz, has now been rendered ineffective.

This city needs elected officials who can leave their egos and empty pockets, and self-interests at home.

Deputy Mayor Malysz has no credibility because his selfserving interests for New Albany, per se, are well known by all!

This Mayor obviously has a serious problem with "priorities". This is not the first time he has shown his lack of judgement, just look at the first four months of this adminstration.

This will be his last term!

The England kool - aid runs rampant to those "who think" they have much to gain...

"You haven't seen anything yet!"

What do you think is coming down the pike?