Sunday, May 25, 2008


The City expects to receive $739,360 in Community Development Block Grant funds in FY2008 [$720,294] entitlement grant plus [$19,066 program income] An estimated $385,500 will be carried over from FY2007.

Why did you not use the 2007 Funds of $385,500 for our roads?

Projects and activities for the Program are as follows:

1. Repair Affair: $9,300

2. Minor-Housing Rehabilitation: $200,000

3. Code Enforcement: $45,000

4. First-Time Home Buyer Program: $20,000

5. Sidewalk & Public Engineering and Improvement Projects: $382,500

6. North Y Improvement Project Location Study: $50,000

7. Binford Park Pathways & Amenities: $175,000

8. 4-Community Youth Asset and Step Ahead Afternoon Program; $30,000

9. NA-FC Park Department Youth Enrichment Program: $35,000

10. Recidivism Program: $15,000

11. Property Disposition Initiative: $1,500

12. West End Park Location & Design: $17,500

13. General Administration, Oversight, and Planning: $144,060

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Why don't the Redevelopment Commission Board members take a ride around the city and see all the "trashy messes" in the CDBG Area?

#3 Code Enforcement: $45,000

Why are we paying another Code Enforcement Officer? We are now paying a Code Enforcement Officers salary, a car and cell phone. Citizens call in to report trashy messes and nothing gets done. Tall grass seems to be the big attention for the current office.

We need to demand "action and accountability" from the current code enforcement officer before we hire another one and furnish a car and cell phone!

Redevelopment Commission: Take a ride around town and see the messes "open your eyes!"

#5 Sidewalks and Improvements: $382,500

Please note:

All of the projects are in the East End. Why aren't those dollars spread fairly all over town. The West End continues to be left out and neglected.

#10 Recidivision Program: $15,000

* This activity will fund a program for recently released inmates to help them adjust back into society.

Study - Study - Study:

Dollars are all spent on studies and then, nothing ever gets done!

One final question:

Mr. Rosenbarger why have you refused to set some of these funds aside for sewers and stormwater repairs in these CDBG areas?

Did we hear a hammer hitting the nail on the head?