Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Mayor England has started compiling a $51 million municipal wish-list that includes $5 million Ohio River Greenway including State Street cut, a $6 million new parking deck and no means to fund it all.

"There is no large immediate cash available funding for these projects it would have to mainly come through grants, and through the issuance of debt."

The mayor said that while campaigning, people were so distraught with code enforcement and paving issues that the idea of having something beyond the "meat and potatoes" was never considered

NO, Mr. England, they were distraught because you were running for Mayor! We all remember those last 8 years you were in office.

Silver/ E. Main/ Rear Market Streets projects:

1. Ohio River Greenway and Greenway connections including Loop Island connection, E. 18th and E. 10th connections - Price Tag: $ 2,000,000.00

2. Old City Dump Redevelopment - Price Tag: $2,000,000.00

3. CSX abandoned, other unused rail lines, access road to Airguard, etc..../rails - Price Tag: $500,000

4. Loop Island/Mosier Leather Site Redevelopment - Price Tag $XXX,XXX

5. CSX-Pallet Site Redevelopment - Price Tag: $XXX,XXX

6. Signal, other improvements to Spring Street between Silver Street and City limit - Price Tag: $500,000

7. ?Business Assistance?

8. Main Street Improvements including median, lighting - Price Tag: $1,000,000

9. K&I Improvements/connections to Greenway and to E. Main Street - Price Tag: $1,000,000

10. RR Crossings Improvements including Quiet Zone - Price Tag: $750,000

11. Main Street-Vincennes Street Signal - Price Tag; $200,000

Park East New Projects:

1. Fire Equipment purchase - $800,000

2. Industrial Park North Road Improvement - Price Tag: $700,000

3. Industrial Park (South) Road Improvement - Price Tag: $600,000

4. S.R. 111 (McDonald Lane to Mt. Tabor Road) Improvements, including detour - Price Tag $300,000

Old Monon New Projects:

1. Grantline Improvements (Beechwood to McDonald) - Price Tag: $1,000,000

2. Monon Avenue Improvement - Price Tag: $750,000

3. RR Crossings Improvement - Price Tag: $600,000

State Street Projects:

1. Spring Street Hill - Price Tag: $1,000,000

2. Ohio River Greenway including State Street cut - Price Tag: $5,000,000

3. New parking deck - Price Tag: $6,000,000

4. One-way to Two-way Downtown grid and calming - Price Tag: $2,000,000

5. Baptist Tabernacle - renovation - Price Tag: $1,000,000

Charlestown Road New Projects:

1. Mt. Tabor (Grantline to Charlestown Road) Improvements -

2. Charlestown Road (E. 8th to Genung) Improvement: 2,000' @ $500 ft= $1,000.000 plus $200,000 design r-o-w = $1.2 million plus sidewalk /curb replacement for 5,000' @200 ft.= $1,000,000 (nothing for design) - $1,000,000 for N "Y"?

3. Charlestown Road connector near Soergel (Charlestown Road to Slate Run Road) - Price Tag: $ 300,000

4. Slate Run Road Improvement: curb/gutter/sides: 7,200' (Charlestown to Beharrell) X $500= $3,600,000 plus design / r-o-w: $750,000 = $4.4 million or $1,000,000 sides only?

5. Klerner Lane Improvement: curb/gutter/sides 9,000' (Chas to Grantline) @ $500=$4.5 million plus design/r-o-w = $5.4 million dollars

6. Charlestown Road-Highland Oaks Connection- Price Tag: $750,000

7. Charlestown Road sidewalks at I-265 - Price Tag: $500,000

* Talk about SOME fuzzy math ~ Good grief...

England believes it is time New Albany residents get more than just the basics, even if some feel the provision of essentials has been lacking.

This wish-list is proof of how "out of touch" Deputy Doug is!

Mr. Mayor:

Why would you consider spending $2 million to redevelop the old city dump?

Why would you consider spending $500,000 on CSX abandoned rail lines?

Why would you consider spending $1 million for a median and lighting on Main Street?

Why would you consider spending $750,000 to improve a Railroad Crossing Quiet Zone when a local citizen has achieved this project with the Railroad already?

Why are you playing with this wish- list to spend taxpayer's dollars?

Mr. Mayor why don't you realize what New Albany really needs?

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Of course the city will have no money left for anything with Deputy Doug running the ship. And yes, folks, it's sinking. Let's not kid ourselves here. This city has nothing left but will find money for raises, police cars, a new parking deck, One-way to two-way Downtown grid and calming for $2 million and the renovation of Baptist Tabernacle.

Whose pockets will be lined from this $51 million wish-list?

Our current council is inept and does not look out for the best interests of the citizens of New Albany.

They just want to continue to tax us and be an ENABLER to a corrupt local government.

A capital improvement plan is a tool to assess the long-term capital project requirments of the city and to establish funding of high-priority projects. Development of the plan is intended to ensure that the adminstration and council are responsible to local residents when spending public money!

Unlike the operating budget, which is funded primarily by taxes, most of the money for the capital budget comes from debt, usually through the sale of bonds.

We think that given our financial situation here in the city that this list will be used to wipe out "our collective asses" right into another tax increase.

So, basically property owners, we're screwed!

We know the wish-list is pretty big -- any chance we can fit a new mayor and council on the list?

Oh, Wait...that is already on the agenda for 2011!