Monday, May 26, 2008


When reading misleading comments on other blog like:

"The whole secrecy M.O. is disturbing on a lot of levels but, importantly, has kept the resources committee from hearing much of that reasoning for almost two years prior to making recommendations. Not only has the public trust been violated but the decision making process has been flipped backwards, weakening any real chance of fully informed decision."

"A friend is on the so-called committee -- which is a shield to insulate (Supt.) Brooks on the decision making process -- there are about 30 people involved and my friend admits that he is ignorant in such matters. He feels they should have experts in the field study the situation, not some home grown committee of people who have no expertise in this area and who are being used as a rubber stamp for what the administration wants to do"

"One thing I understand is that when it comes to revitalizing an inner city, a sustainable future comes from many sources, but children and their educations is first and foremost in the minds of families who choose to live there. From this perspective, it doesn't seem that there has been much communication between the school administration and the neighborhood leaders..."

"How is it possible to avoid the conclusion that this school board wants to kill Silver Street School? Once the premise is accepted, every action they take can be seen as subterfuge and deceit to make their desired outcome a reality."

"Not only has the public trust been violated but the decision making process has been flipped backwards, weaking any real chance of fully informed discussion."

Rather than trying to promote positive trends they seem to be reacting to negative ones."

Source: Local Blogs

Wily Foxy uses psychological chicanery to confuse dimwitted "CHICKEN LITTLE" - Step 1 in his plot to plunder the poultry yard.

This unusual little film eschews a happy ending for a not-so-subtle warning against evil manipulators and gullible citizenry. By the use of flattery, insignificant people can be made to look upon themselves as born leaders are pure Marxism.

As for Cocky Locky, Henny Penny, Goosey Poosey, Ducky Lucky and Turkey Lurkey - their human counterparts are only too easy to find everyday!

How about THE real facts:

Fact #1

It is not a secret!

Freedom of Speech has learned, first of all, redistricting was a school board goal given for 2005-2006 when Mr. Willman, Mrs. Selfridge, Mrs. Gardenour, Mr. Sakel, Mrs. Badger-Byrd and Mr. Cotner were on the Board.

It states: The New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation Board of School Trustees will study school attendance areas for the purpose of creating operational efficiencies that will enhance student learning.

Dr. John Reisert has stated: "No one can remember the last time when redistricting was addressed by the school system...maybe 30 years ago, but nothing was done."

This is something that needs to be addressed despite being an emotional issue!

Just as some local citizens thought it was time to address redistricting for voting, this issue is NO different.

Fact #2

There is no secrecy!

As is typical New Albany style, "some" people are trying to create a "false accusation" that the committee is some type of "secret society" to do the Superintendent's bidding.

From what we have heard, the committee operates on a consensus model. This is a committee consisting of teachers, staff, administrators, parents, and community members:

School Attendance Area Committee

Phyllis Amick, Consultant
Ralph Dooley, Co-Chairperson
Peggy Carpenter (Floyd Knobs parent) Co-Chairperson
Dennis Brooks, Superintendent


Jan McCauley, Slate Run School
Therese Stevens, Hazelwood School
Doug Taylor, Pine View School
Nancy Holt/Shelia Dotts, Silver Street School


Dwight Beal, Principal, Galena School
Elaine Murphy, Principal, Mt. Tabor School Terri Boutin, Assistant Principal, Children Academy
Danny Libs/Sally Jensen, Transportation Department
Bill Wiseheart, Director of Facilities
Jackie Apple, Principal, Hazelwood School
Araberil Stylander, Director of Assessment

School Board:

Becky Gardenour
LeeAnn Wiseheart


Pat Lilly, Grantline School
Linda Snyder, Pine Valley School
Tiffany Veit, Silver Street School
Roxanna Whippie, Green Valley School
Ellen Reising, Scribner School


Ted Fulmore, S. Ellen-Jones Neighborhood Association
John Reisert, County Council
Suzann Slayton, Realtors Association
Mary Strobel
Michael Neely
Jeff Gahan, City Council

Support Staff:

Beth Johantgen, Instructional Aide, Silver Street
Beth Barnes, Social Service Liaison, Student Support Services
Debbie Glass, Bus Driver's Association
Linda Townsend/Barb Ellis, Secretary, Silver Street School
Victoria Haley, Instructional Aide, Hazelwood School

Freedom Of Speech would like to ask:

Why are the local blogs and citizens attacking the School Committee members?

The School Board must review and consider the main factors that affect the students:

A - Education

B - Welfare

C - Safety

The Superintendent did not have to do this at all. He could have made a recommendation to the Board with NO input.

Instead, he formed and requested the committee to ask questions of their speakers which have included Dr. Snyder and Mr. McWhorter about finances; Mrs. Perkins about curriculum; Mr. Wiseheart about the facilities; John Rosenbarger and Mr. Lopp about city and county growth.

Fact #3

After their study, only then will the Superintendent make a recommendation to the school board. Some of you want to call it research, studying, and, yes, receiving input from the community before final recommendations are made.

Fact #4

We have heard that city officials and others are upset that the school corporation has not talked with them about this committee.

We find that strange since Jeff Gahan (city council president) and Ted Fulmore (S.E. Jones Neighborhood Association) are on the committee. John Rosenbarger addressed the committee. We have not seen the city communicate in anyway with the school corporation in the past.

Are there any examples of the city communicating with the school corporation before they start tearing down houses close to schools? Was it even considered what effect this would have on our schools, for example, Green Valley Elementary? It certainly isn't a "walking" school anymore, thanks to the city!

What other acts has the city perpetrated on the school system that has hurt kids as well as hurt the school corporation financially?

New Albany has so many TIF areas that cause Tax collections to go to the TIF Fund and not "help schools" or the General Fund.

Do your homework taxpayers and bloggers!

The right decisions for School closings:

* The School Board and the School Administration respect and admire the value of Historic buildings in our community. This is not the issue bloggers. It involves trying to use our schools as efficiently as possible, not having empty classrooms, saving money, and using that saved money for hiring teachers so that class room sizes will be smaller.

"Some" people think experts need to be brought in to study the issue. Who is the expert? Would it be someone who is an expert in the field of school finance or someone who is an expert in the field of "urban" development? They both would have a different take on redistricting.

The closing of any school is a difficult decision. Education, Welfare and safety of the students are important factors in making decisions concerning the buildings.

The School Budget to support and finance the education of the students is a main concern.

Unlike our city, our School Board stays within their budget!

Our final thought. If anyone says that $300,000 to $350,000 is not a lot of money, then that person has no financial savvy. We think the school corporation does a great job with taxpayer's money.

Obviously, they just wants to do an even better job unlike the "Chicken Little's" of New Albany!