Tuesday, May 06, 2008


It was a historic day in Indiana one that may play a huge part in shaping the future of the state.

Hillary has wandered Indiana and shown that she is the most suited to make the difficult decisions ahead for this country and this State.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton squeaked out a critical razor-thin victory in Indiana's presidential primary Tuesday.

The final decision declaring Hillary the winner came about three hours after state wide returns were in, she finally claimed victory, telling 18,000 cheering supporters at the Murat Centre in Indianapolis.

"Thanks to you, it's full speed to the White House."

The brakes were slammed on, though, as the state, and the nation, waited for late returns from Lake County, which withheld it's results throughout the night.

Lake County had been considered Obama territory. It's next to his hometown of Chicago, and it's large black population was expected to overwhelmingly vote for him.

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Dan Parker, called it "typical Lake County politics."

Jonathan Swain, Clinton's Communication Director of Indiana, stated this was an important win. "We said this would be down to the wire and guess what?

"It was."

Terry McAuliffe, Clinton's campaign chairman and a former Democratic National Committee chairman stated: 'Indiana was the state that Obama wanted to win!" "He said it was the tiebreaker, and he didn't win it, Hillary won the tiebreaker and on we go.

Obama earlier in the night had congratulated Clinton " on her victory" in Indiana-words that brought cheers from 18,000 supporters in the Murat Centre!

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

We're heading into the worst economic crisis in a half century or more. Many of the Americans who have been getting nowhere for decades are in even deeper trouble. Large numbers of people in Indiana and across the USA are losing their homes and losing their jobs, and the situation is likely to grow worse.

Consumers are at the end of their ropes, fuel and food costs are skyrocketing, they can't go deeper into debt, they can't pay their bills.

They aren't buying, which means every business from the auto industry to housing to even giant GE is hurting. Which, means they'll be laying off even more people, and as they do, we will experience an even more dangerous downward spiral.

Bitter? You ain't seen nothing yet!

The point to remember is that the media loves this primary battle. They want it to continue, so they can keep throwing Hillary under the bus.

Don't count Hillary out...Count Florida and Michigan, and see who voters elect as their President!

It is too much to expect, thoughtful objective coverage of this campaign!


Congratulation to our winning Candidates:

Floyd County Results:

President of the United States

* Hillary Rodham Clinton - 12,259


* Jill Long Thompson - 565,034

9th Congressional District

* Baron Hill - 12,261

Judge of the Superior Court No. 1

* Susan L. Orth - 10,924

Judge of the Superior Court No. 3

* Maria Granger - 8,561

County Coroner

* Leslie E. Knable -8,277

Democrat County Council AT-LARGE

Randy Stumler - 8,574

Carol Shope - 6,056

Ted Heavrin - 5,540

Republican County Council AT-Large

Dana Fendley - 1,359

Larry Summers - 1,412

Harry Harbison - 1,374

New Albany County School Board AT-LARGE

* Patricia Badger-Byrd - 8,560

New Albany Floyd County School Board District 3

* Neal Allen Smith -8,678

New Albany Floyd County School Board District 4

* Rebecca Gardenour - 15,620


Floyd County facts & figures:

Total Ballots Cast - 22,481

Republicans - 3,169

Democrats - 19, 308

Nonpartisan - 4

What a memorable night!