Friday, May 16, 2008


Thank you, Councilman Coffey, for having the courage to try to help the taxpayers.

The other council members should do their homework instead of being just a rubber stamp and vote for anything that Deputy Mayor and the Mayor lay on the council table for your approval.

We do not always agree with you, but you used your experience and knowledge and did the right thing and tabled this request.

In the England - Malysz administration, they are pushing for more TIFs, fees, and charges to place on the backs of the taxpayers. We keep shouting, "Hold down the costs". They just don't hear us.

The council just sits there and follows instructions from the administration. The common practice seems to be, "If a request appears to lack the votes, they say, "The council needs a work session".

Do the NEW council members even know the difference between the titles, TIF or CDBG????

New council members should hit the books and study issues, or call the state agencies for information like we do.

It does make a difference when you do your homework!