Friday, August 11, 2006


Mr. Tucker,

Again, thank you for the publicity you have given to me. I am fortunate to have so much attention dedicated to me in our local paper. While we are all entitled to our opinions, and I for one encourage everyone to look at the facts presented to draw their own conclusion.

It is fair to say that you and I see things through a different view. It would be unfair to the public to deem your view as correct, and mine less deserving of credit. There are always two sides to everything. As is there more than one solution to an issue. All opinions aside, let’s look at the undisputable facts.

While some people justify the spending, and give excuses for inactions, it is what it is, the facts:

* Yes, there was $400 spent on flowers from the Mayors budget.
* The parks department spent over $11,000 on cell phone bills.
* There is an ordinance put before the council on raising the sewer bills.
* August 2005 Sewer board voted 4-0 money shall not be taken from the sewer to fund any other department
* Attempts have not been made to collects sewer delinquents since November of last year
* Certain attorneys are representing the city and builders regarding legal matters– conflict of interest is being looked into
* EPA has an investigator looking into the fiscal management of the sewer
* Several businesses were not being billed for sewers and totals in the tens of thousands accumulated.
* State Board of Accounts in 2004 audit stated there were numerous bank accounts, and accounts were not reconciled on a monthly bases as set forth by State statue.

Am I being petty, am I picking on the nickels and dimes. The answer to that question is an opinion of itself.

Before I close, I leave you with one more fact. The definition of rape according to Webster’s Dictionary is as follows; abusive or improper treatment; violation: a rape of justice.

I presume your opinion of the situation dictates your choice of meaning to the term.

What do you call what’s being done to the citizens of New Albany?

Steve Price

Freedom of Speech would like to thank Councilman Steve Price for allowing us the opportunity to post the complete letter to John Tucker, Publisher of the Tribune.

Will Mr. Tucker have the guts to print it in its entirety?

Freedom Of Speech feels that the Tribune should be a bi-partisan newspaper. But apparently it is not. It is more like what Jimmy wants printed is what Jimmy gets printed!

And what Jimmy doesn't want printed doesn't get printed.

After all isn't Jimmy's way always the right way.

We would like to know what your personal agenda is Mr. Tucker? Oh yes that's right selling newspapers and making a profit. Right...

Since almost every article you "publish" are in total support of Mayor Garner and his Adminstration. You never print the complete truth nor the complete facts. And we would like to know why.

Your paper is doing a disservice to your customers, which are also the taxpayers and misleading them on the real issues.

Freedom Of Speech would like to know Mr. Tucker if your article: "They're leading the disarray (New Albany Council is at it again)"

1. Was it based on your own personal views, thoughts, or opinions?

2. Or was it based on the current Adminstrations instructions?

3. Or is it the position of the Tribune to evade the real issues and the cold hard truth or is it just trying to cover up his mistakes at the taxpayers expense?

Lord knows we all know about his mismanagement and wasteful spending antics. Where is the accountiability to the taxpayers and your readers Mr. Tucker?

And you Sir, do not speak for the majority of us, the taxpayers of New Albany in your newspaper!

Unlike the majority of the council, Councilman Steve Price is not a rubber stamp for this administration, but does work hard for the taxpayers of New Albany.

We need more Councilmen like Mr. Price who ask the tough questions, and has a common sense approach instead of being a "yes man" for the mayor.

Freedom of Speech along with Councilman Steve Price has received an overwhelming positive support in regards to his comments made at Monday night's (August 7th) council meeting.

We, the participants of Freedom Of Speech totally agree with the facts presented, the questions asked, and support the statements Councilman Price made.

It is our opinion based on our facts that this Mayor and his Adminstration are "raping the taxpayers" of New Albany!