Tuesday, August 29, 2006


"This is a $9 million bailout of a utility that's failing, and that comes on the heels of a $40 million project." -- Council President Jeff Gahan stated.

Well...well... Council President Gahan you finally saw the light of truth!

We would like to know what happen with Councilman Blevins? Since he promised several constituents he would vote against any sewer rate increase. What is your excuse this time - job being threaten?

And Councilman Kochert you stated in an interview with the CJ that you would not vote for an increase unless it covered the additional projects needed to be done. And from our understanding we will still not have enough monies to fix it all? Would you care to comment about your statement.

And Councilman Seabrook you stated: How much you enjoyed being on the Council and Sewer Board then how come your running for Commissioner?

We would also like to ask Councilman Messer does he ever listen to what he is actually saying? We hope while your out campaigning in your patrol car you pick only oneside of your mouth to talk out of. Haven't you already broken enough promises?

It appears Councilman Price and the Indiana State Board of Accounts are on the same page. If only this Adminstration would get on board, we could avoid bankrupcy.

And to Councilman Schmidt you had the right solution for solving the sewer increase. But what can anyone expect when you have other Council members working under the Mayor? As we have stated in the past it is either "jimmy's way" or no way.

And we would like to say to Sewer Atty. Fifer we sure hope you enjoy that "big fat" commission check. You are strickly out for the money and not for what's best for the taxpayers of New Albany.

Freedom Of Speech would like to know who of all the 9 Council members will have the guts and courage to bring to Council a New Resolution to dissolve our Sewer Board?

And to think Mr. Mayor your Sewer Attorney could actually make the statement: He has to look at the big picture... Well the taxpayers will show you the big picture in 2007.

And Jimmy we know who paid for your last vacation you took to Florida. Makes us wonder who is really paying for this vacation?