Friday, August 18, 2006


It appears since the money has been found the need for a sewer rate increase should be slowly diminishing. If the sewers only short fall were September's payment, then the 3.3 million will cover that nicely.

Why is Jimmy so set on raising our sewer rate?

Here is the abridged version:

Jimmy in the 11th hour again informs the council and taxpayers they must refinance certain bonds and raise sewer rates.

*As of the latest financial report if we paid the September bond payment we would be below our debt reserve limit, to avoid being below this limit, Jimmy proposes to not only increase the rate but to refinance and issue additional bonds.

And who do you think will make a hefty commission on this little $39 million dollar deal?

Freedom of Speech's Plan:

We take 3.3 million dollars of the Jail Bond Reserve Fund.

We take $1,354,564.63 from TIF Fund.

We impose a one time excess levy fee for the DROP Program - at least it's fair and everyone pays.

We would dissolve the Sewer Board and and hire a full time Sewer Engineer. And a Stormwater Engineer.

All funds borrowed from the sewer utility to finance other departments should be returned.

Take a million dollars from EDIT.

We should not renew the contract with EMC. We should be making a profit for New Albany instead of making a profit for EMC. What has EMC done to earn their $3.6 million per year?

At least we have a plan Mr. Mayor! What's your excuse?

The City Assessor's Office furnished Indiana Water with a list of every piece of property in New Albany. This should enable Indiana Water to keep track of how many homes are hooked up to the sewer system and which home owners are paying their sewer bills and which are not.

We think that our plan is very feasible and worth consideration, not that Jimmy would deem to consider a plan drawn up by ordinary citizens and taxpayers!

Has Jimmy caught Regina's "fuzzy math syndrome"?

Freedom of Speech would like to have the following questions addressed with factual documented answers:

How much money is owed from delinquent sewer bills?

Why should the sewer paying customers have to pay for non-paying customers by instituting a rate increase?

According to the sewer board minutes Jimmy has been aware of this problem since August 2005 when the board voted 4-0 not to have any money leave the sewer fund to finance any other department. At the last council meeting Jimmy admitted borrowing money from the sewer department to fund other departments. His only reason is "it's always been done". Well common sense tells you if you keep doing the same thing: you will keep getting the same result.

During Jimmy's campaign he promised to address the lingering issues left over from Regina. In actuality he has continued down her path. History is repeating itself.

When will the blame game stop and the solutions start for our sewer problems? As taxpayers we feel that everyone should be paying their sewer bill.

Why should we borrow more money? Borrow, borrow, borrow, spend, spend, spend. Do you know any other way?

The citizens of New albany are not going to pay for your mistakes anymore. The money is available - use it.

No more blame game. Let's deal with the facts and solutions.

Jimmy perhaps you should take your advisor, Baylor's, advice and stop saying no, hell no, we can't spend the EDIT monies or the 3.3 million to save the taxpayers from having a rate increase.

If Freedom of Speech could ask Jimmy one question it would be this:

Why is it that you have no real plan, no real solution, or no other real option but to raise our rates?


Any plan that Jimmy comes up with is to save money for next year and provide his play money to help make him look good for his Re-Election in 2007!