Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This morning we filled up the gas tank, and our wallets thought it was hooked up to a 100 horsepower electric cow milker, but it's good to know that the extra pain isn't standing in the of Obama's economic recovery. At least not according to Warren Buffett.

Remember though, sometimes even Buffett's predictions are off base. It's just that most people don't have the luxury of his margin of error!

As for us, we've stopped cleaning the fish tank so as to have a head start on a fuel stockpile for whenever the new "algae powered cars" come out.
Passing thought: How about a "Buffett Rule" for gas?

The idea would be that people like Warren Buffett pay substantially more at the pump so the rest of us can pay less, or even nothing at all. As it stands right now, somebody who makes $50 million a year pays about $4 a gallon, and somebody who makes $12,000 a year also pays about $4 a gallon.

That's just NOT fair to Buffett's secretary!

To make it fair, the former should be paying about $8,500 a gallon for gas, and the latter nothing.

Whaddaya say, Mr. Buffett?

Either Buffett is off his meds or senile dementia is catching up with him.

How can rising gas prices, or anything else for that matter, derail a recovery that's not happening?

Seriously, who writes this crap for the Dimbeciles?

We give it a week, or at least a month and the next thing out of Obama's mouth will be: "Gas prices are the sole fault of George W Bush."

Our real concern right now is how soon before Algae is listed on the Chicago Mercantile? Watch out porkbellies you've had your day in the sun!

Our good friends in Washington have told us about Obama's new plan for this gas crisis:

1.) Properly Inflated Tires
2.) Eat your Peas

Then he'll trot out some new refundable tax credit to help out the working families which is just another way to redistribute income.

BTW - has Warren Buffett paid the $1Billion in taxes that he (Berkshire Hathaway) owes? You know he says he doesn't pay enough taxes, and of course he is right.

Obama is deliberately overlooking the fact that $4+ gas prices triggered the '07/08 recession in the first place.

As they say at the White House: You never let a good crisis go to waste!

Monday, February 27, 2012


"Lent Day 4: Boldly sign the ash cross on the stars & stripes of the flag, for repentance of the sins of the nation. For arrogant ethnocentrism; for extreme patriotism, for militarism and illegal wars, for the Patriot Act, for scape-goating immigrants, for fencing our borders, for our divisive political polarization, for placing politics above finding solutions; for social policies that benefit the powerful st the expense of the poor; for making the flag an idol of devotion while ignoring the Constitution. May we come to see ourselves as part of a larger global community and use our wealth and power in more humanitarian & compassionate ways."

"Lent Day 3: Boldly sign the ash cross on the pages of the Bible. Grind the ash on the thin pages for the repentance of the sins committed by scripture. Racism & Slavery; Patriarchy & Sexism; Heterosexism & Homophobia; Ant-Semitism & Religious intolerance; Prejudice & Discrimination; Biblical literalism; Using the bible to justify personal prejudice. Worshiping the Bible is a form of idolatry rather than prompting love, inclusion, justice and peace. May our minds be opened to spiritual truths from a variety of sources: Science, Philosophy, Philosophy, the Arts, Literature, nature and one another."

Source: Greg Phipps at

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Well Mr. Phipps, The Constitution of the United States gives you the right to say how you feel.

As Christians we find this highly offensive. We've never met missionaries who forced Christianity on other cultures and believe us we know several. We would hate to think many military men and women have died in vain so you have the right to print this crap on your blog.

If you hate the good ole USA have you considered leaving?

If you don't believe in God, or heaven or hell, that's your right. We just hope you don't use your radical points of view or thinking when making decisions on how to spend our tax dollars.

Our final thought: Will you be a part of our solution or part of the continued problems we are having in the City of New Albany?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Mayor (cough) Gahan has not done what is in the best interest of the taxpayers so far. While campaigning, Gahan made A LOT of promises he knew he wouldn't keep. I guess that puts him at the head of the current "Liars Club of New Albany."

Gahan still claims he hates England and we all know that's another lie, he's been in bed with England, Malysz and Gibson from the get go!

Last week Gahan stated he didn't make any promise to voters. Just like he denies, the promise of getting rid of Gibson, Malysz, Rosenbarger and Thompson too.

Well you did Mr. Gahan, to about 98% of your base and those who elected you mayor.

But one campaign promise you MADE will happen, we are holding you 'accountable, Mr. Gahan', to that promise of a forensic AUDIT.

So what we are asking our readers to do is send this posting to 10 of your family, friends and co-workers who live in New Albany and ask them to contact each and every council member and voice your opinion.

Council members Names, Emails and Phone Numbers:

Shirley Baird - 812-725-7527

John Gonder - 812-944-3125

Kevin Zurschmiede - 812-945-7827

Dan Coffey - 812-949-1262

Robert Caesar - 812-945-8744

Greg Phipps - 812-949-8317

Pat McLaughlin - 812-949-9140

Diane Benedetti - 812-945-6240

Scott Blair - 812-697-0128

Tell them if they can pay Carl Malysz's salary out of our EDIT and if Mayor Gahan has "nothing to hide" he will audit the books of the General Fund, Stormwater Fund, Sewer Fund, TIF's and all Grants too.

The city says we have been underfunded for four years. The Indiana State Board of Accounts said the city mismanaged our funds and they should be investigated.

Why are you Mr. Gahan sitting on the facts?

"You just keep your so called change Mr. Gahan, we want an Audit!"

Saturday, February 18, 2012

1963 - 2012...

The bible teaches us; "A good name is better than precious ointment and the day of death, than the day of birth." (Ecclesiastes 7:1)

On this day, as the world mourns and says goodbye to Whitney Houston, this wisdom reminds us that we grieve death, we grieve our own loss.

Ms. Houston has passed from time into eternity, from this veil of tears to a place where there is no more pain, and no more tears, where the only relevent judgement is the judgement of God Almighty.

Gone To Soon....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

US BUDGET 2013....

The White House's Budget for fiscal 2013 begins with a broken promise, add some phony policy assumptions, throw in a few rosy forecasts and omits all kind of painful decisions.

Even then, the proposal would add $1 trillion more to the national debt that Obama contemplated a few months ago-and it is a non-starter on Capitol Hill, where even Democrats have no plans to take it up.

It is, in other words, exactly what it was supposed to be: a campaign document...

This budget is the same stupid budget he tried to push through Congress last year which was vetoed. It is just another spending spree that will never get through Congress, he simply doesn't know how to make the necessary cuts to try to rein in our huge deficit which he caused.

Obama is totally incompetent and needs to step aside to give SOMEONE else a chance to save our country before it's too late. Even the USA Today Editorial folks know this one smells funny: "Editorial : Obama's budget plan leaves debt bomb ticking."

And if you don't believe us just ask Greece how they are doing today, Burn baby burn!

So how's that hope and change working out for you?

Sunday, February 12, 2012


After reading yesterday's C/J article: "Floyd school chief raise urged, proposal spurs controversy," we decided to put the facts out to our readers and ask you to weigh in on this issue.

As reported in the C/J: "Hibbard is in the third year of a contract that pays him a base salary of $142,000 per year plus $13,000 in annual deferred compensation and a $500-per-month car allowance."

Are you folks believing this employment package?

Freedom Of Speech would like to share with you the other side of the coin, our point of view.

The facts are:

When we have closed four schools, laid off teachers, stopped insurance for special ed aids, outsourced, cut field trips, cut art, p.e. and music (as we knew it) given an administrator a raise and created more administrative positions, it is unfathomable why we would give our superintendent a raise. We are still 2.8 million in debt and will need to make more cuts.

It is our opinion if anyone deserves a raise, it is the frontline teachers and staff doing all the work with our children.

As to comparing our superintendent's salary to other "comparable" school corporations, those school corporations are located in Indianapolis where the rate of pay IS higher.

This is like comparing apples to oranges.

If you compare our superintendent's salary to Monroe or Bartholomew County, the pay is pretty much the same.

Please attend Mondays meeting Feb. 13 at 6pm or email our School Board members at:

Mark Boone -
Lee Cotner -
DJ Hines -
Jan Anderson - janderson@nafcs,
Becky Gardenour - bgardenour@nafcs,
Neal Smith -
Roger Whaley -

Voice your opinion and forward this to all your family and friends. Do we need more school closings or more teachers to be laid off?

Our final thoughts:

We are not sure what Superintendent Hibbard does that is worth this kind of salary. We believe it's time for Bruce Hibbard to man up, step up to the plate and take a pay freeze. Sometimes, leadership involves shared sacrifice, NOT greed.

We think it's way past time for a Public Hearing!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


When someone and a few others is offended by it, (The Lords Prayer). In this case, Mr. ____ who believes it violates his and their right to freedom of irreligion when said at the beginning of council meetings.

Mr. ____ seems to think he has been called to a vocation of sustained whining, so, to help him overcome this affliction, maybe the council should be asked to read an entire chapter of the New Testament.

It is our opinion a prayer before a meeting of lawmakers should never be offensive to anyone. If it is, they should look within themselves to acertain the reason they are offended.

Bring Back the Lord's Prayer, Council president Benedetti!

Sunday, February 05, 2012


Best seat in the house: the couch

A line for the bathroom: never gonna happen

People blocking our view by standing: only if that cat gets in our face

Money spent on Nachos, Bud Light, Coors and other amenities: about $300

Time spent commuting and money to park: Zero

Super Bowl 46 will be watched by millions of people on Sunday. It seems everybody has a prediction on the game, so we decided to give you our prediction.

New England Patriots - 28 -- New York Giants - 14

Let the game begin...Go Patriots!!!