Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Mayor (cough) Gahan has not done what is in the best interest of the taxpayers so far. While campaigning, Gahan made A LOT of promises he knew he wouldn't keep. I guess that puts him at the head of the current "Liars Club of New Albany."

Gahan still claims he hates England and we all know that's another lie, he's been in bed with England, Malysz and Gibson from the get go!

Last week Gahan stated he didn't make any promise to voters. Just like he denies, the promise of getting rid of Gibson, Malysz, Rosenbarger and Thompson too.

Well you did Mr. Gahan, to about 98% of your base and those who elected you mayor.

But one campaign promise you MADE will happen, we are holding you 'accountable, Mr. Gahan', to that promise of a forensic AUDIT.

So what we are asking our readers to do is send this posting to 10 of your family, friends and co-workers who live in New Albany and ask them to contact each and every council member and voice your opinion.

Council members Names, Emails and Phone Numbers:

Shirley Baird - 812-725-7527

John Gonder - 812-944-3125

Kevin Zurschmiede - 812-945-7827

Dan Coffey - 812-949-1262

Robert Caesar - 812-945-8744

Greg Phipps - 812-949-8317

Pat McLaughlin - 812-949-9140

Diane Benedetti - 812-945-6240

Scott Blair - 812-697-0128

Tell them if they can pay Carl Malysz's salary out of our EDIT and if Mayor Gahan has "nothing to hide" he will audit the books of the General Fund, Stormwater Fund, Sewer Fund, TIF's and all Grants too.

The city says we have been underfunded for four years. The Indiana State Board of Accounts said the city mismanaged our funds and they should be investigated.

Why are you Mr. Gahan sitting on the facts?

"You just keep your so called change Mr. Gahan, we want an Audit!"