Monday, February 27, 2012


"Lent Day 4: Boldly sign the ash cross on the stars & stripes of the flag, for repentance of the sins of the nation. For arrogant ethnocentrism; for extreme patriotism, for militarism and illegal wars, for the Patriot Act, for scape-goating immigrants, for fencing our borders, for our divisive political polarization, for placing politics above finding solutions; for social policies that benefit the powerful st the expense of the poor; for making the flag an idol of devotion while ignoring the Constitution. May we come to see ourselves as part of a larger global community and use our wealth and power in more humanitarian & compassionate ways."

"Lent Day 3: Boldly sign the ash cross on the pages of the Bible. Grind the ash on the thin pages for the repentance of the sins committed by scripture. Racism & Slavery; Patriarchy & Sexism; Heterosexism & Homophobia; Ant-Semitism & Religious intolerance; Prejudice & Discrimination; Biblical literalism; Using the bible to justify personal prejudice. Worshiping the Bible is a form of idolatry rather than prompting love, inclusion, justice and peace. May our minds be opened to spiritual truths from a variety of sources: Science, Philosophy, Philosophy, the Arts, Literature, nature and one another."

Source: Greg Phipps at

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Well Mr. Phipps, The Constitution of the United States gives you the right to say how you feel.

As Christians we find this highly offensive. We've never met missionaries who forced Christianity on other cultures and believe us we know several. We would hate to think many military men and women have died in vain so you have the right to print this crap on your blog.

If you hate the good ole USA have you considered leaving?

If you don't believe in God, or heaven or hell, that's your right. We just hope you don't use your radical points of view or thinking when making decisions on how to spend our tax dollars.

Our final thought: Will you be a part of our solution or part of the continued problems we are having in the City of New Albany?