Sunday, February 12, 2012


After reading yesterday's C/J article: "Floyd school chief raise urged, proposal spurs controversy," we decided to put the facts out to our readers and ask you to weigh in on this issue.

As reported in the C/J: "Hibbard is in the third year of a contract that pays him a base salary of $142,000 per year plus $13,000 in annual deferred compensation and a $500-per-month car allowance."

Are you folks believing this employment package?

Freedom Of Speech would like to share with you the other side of the coin, our point of view.

The facts are:

When we have closed four schools, laid off teachers, stopped insurance for special ed aids, outsourced, cut field trips, cut art, p.e. and music (as we knew it) given an administrator a raise and created more administrative positions, it is unfathomable why we would give our superintendent a raise. We are still 2.8 million in debt and will need to make more cuts.

It is our opinion if anyone deserves a raise, it is the frontline teachers and staff doing all the work with our children.

As to comparing our superintendent's salary to other "comparable" school corporations, those school corporations are located in Indianapolis where the rate of pay IS higher.

This is like comparing apples to oranges.

If you compare our superintendent's salary to Monroe or Bartholomew County, the pay is pretty much the same.

Please attend Mondays meeting Feb. 13 at 6pm or email our School Board members at:

Mark Boone -
Lee Cotner -
DJ Hines -
Jan Anderson - janderson@nafcs,
Becky Gardenour - bgardenour@nafcs,
Neal Smith -
Roger Whaley -

Voice your opinion and forward this to all your family and friends. Do we need more school closings or more teachers to be laid off?

Our final thoughts:

We are not sure what Superintendent Hibbard does that is worth this kind of salary. We believe it's time for Bruce Hibbard to man up, step up to the plate and take a pay freeze. Sometimes, leadership involves shared sacrifice, NOT greed.

We think it's way past time for a Public Hearing!