Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This morning we filled up the gas tank, and our wallets thought it was hooked up to a 100 horsepower electric cow milker, but it's good to know that the extra pain isn't standing in the of Obama's economic recovery. At least not according to Warren Buffett.

Remember though, sometimes even Buffett's predictions are off base. It's just that most people don't have the luxury of his margin of error!

As for us, we've stopped cleaning the fish tank so as to have a head start on a fuel stockpile for whenever the new "algae powered cars" come out.
Passing thought: How about a "Buffett Rule" for gas?

The idea would be that people like Warren Buffett pay substantially more at the pump so the rest of us can pay less, or even nothing at all. As it stands right now, somebody who makes $50 million a year pays about $4 a gallon, and somebody who makes $12,000 a year also pays about $4 a gallon.

That's just NOT fair to Buffett's secretary!

To make it fair, the former should be paying about $8,500 a gallon for gas, and the latter nothing.

Whaddaya say, Mr. Buffett?

Either Buffett is off his meds or senile dementia is catching up with him.

How can rising gas prices, or anything else for that matter, derail a recovery that's not happening?

Seriously, who writes this crap for the Dimbeciles?

We give it a week, or at least a month and the next thing out of Obama's mouth will be: "Gas prices are the sole fault of George W Bush."

Our real concern right now is how soon before Algae is listed on the Chicago Mercantile? Watch out porkbellies you've had your day in the sun!

Our good friends in Washington have told us about Obama's new plan for this gas crisis:

1.) Properly Inflated Tires
2.) Eat your Peas

Then he'll trot out some new refundable tax credit to help out the working families which is just another way to redistribute income.

BTW - has Warren Buffett paid the $1Billion in taxes that he (Berkshire Hathaway) owes? You know he says he doesn't pay enough taxes, and of course he is right.

Obama is deliberately overlooking the fact that $4+ gas prices triggered the '07/08 recession in the first place.

As they say at the White House: You never let a good crisis go to waste!