Wednesday, February 15, 2012

US BUDGET 2013....

The White House's Budget for fiscal 2013 begins with a broken promise, add some phony policy assumptions, throw in a few rosy forecasts and omits all kind of painful decisions.

Even then, the proposal would add $1 trillion more to the national debt that Obama contemplated a few months ago-and it is a non-starter on Capitol Hill, where even Democrats have no plans to take it up.

It is, in other words, exactly what it was supposed to be: a campaign document...

This budget is the same stupid budget he tried to push through Congress last year which was vetoed. It is just another spending spree that will never get through Congress, he simply doesn't know how to make the necessary cuts to try to rein in our huge deficit which he caused.

Obama is totally incompetent and needs to step aside to give SOMEONE else a chance to save our country before it's too late. Even the USA Today Editorial folks know this one smells funny: "Editorial : Obama's budget plan leaves debt bomb ticking."

And if you don't believe us just ask Greece how they are doing today, Burn baby burn!

So how's that hope and change working out for you?