Monday, February 28, 2011


We spend our days, for better or worse, commenting on and studying the issues that affect and shape our country, state, and the City of New Albany.

We consider ourselves fairly informed observers, so why not tell our readers who we think is most qualified to tackle those issues?

And with so many voices out there now, from local blogs to Internet "news sites," we think it's only right for you to read it from people who care about the City of New Albany as much as you do and to weigh in on races that affect us all.

Deciding who to endorse isn't easy, either.

Sometimes, we wish there was another candidate running.

But, like you, we needed to make a decision, so, drum roll please... read who has our endorsement for the 2011 Primary:

Council At Large

* Shirley Baird (D)

District 1:

* Vicki Denhart (D)

District 2:

* Donny Blevins (D)

District 3:

* Steve Price (D)

District 4:

* No Endorsement

District 5:

* No Endorsement

District 6:

* No Endorsement

City Clerk:

* Vicki Glotzbach (D)


* Jeff Gahan (D)

Today, we offer our thoughts on the two candidates for Mayor:

So...Mr. Ethridge please tell our readers what you have done for the citizens of New Albany?

Would you like to explain to our readers Mr. Stumler why you went to the republicans to run as mayor then cut a deal with Doug England, then announce you are NOW a democrat candidate for Mayor?

Do you feel John Gonder, Bob Caesar, Dan Coffey, Kevin Zurschmiede, Diane Benedetti, and Pat McLaughlin deserve your vote after all the things they have done to the citizens in the City of New Albany?

This is also a list of unexceptional candidates of hopelessly damaged goods who have the ego to think they can go all the way and win:

* Douglas England

* Randy Smith

* Roger Baylor

It is what it is...