Friday, February 11, 2011


It's been a very interesting few weeks in the City of New Albany.

Let's review:

1.) We find out the Mayor wants taxpayers to pay $18 million for a new parking garage and pay for a 600 feet hole and gates for the wall.

2.) No one bothered to put $419,600 matching funds for the Greenway Project in the 2011 Budget.

3.) Sewer increase nearly led New Albany utility out of the red last year

4.) New bill to ban public employees from certain government boards

5.) Bankruptcy bill could mean "tough love" for cities, towns

6.) State: 2011 money would be used to cover 2010 New Albany budget

There seems to be discussions everywhere and we have to put our two cents worth in.

On NAC we read: "Cops and fireman as second-class citizens. Can they still vote Ed?"

Since half the time Roger has NO clue on the issues. How can he defend the police and fire when we feel anyone who works in New Albany that makes $50,000 - $100,000 year be called second - class citizens?

My God Roger, eighty five cents of every dollar of our general fund goes to police and fire. How can we pay the other departments and city employees the other fifteen cents of each dollars?

Are you really that ignorant?

We feel if the police and fire gets eighty five per cent of our General Fund then they should do eight five per cent of the work.

Voice of the People: Bill 1022.

We agree with Shirley and some of her posters in principal. There is a big difference between Conflict of Interest and Double Dipping.

First of all, one of our major problems facing our city is the Conflict of Interest issue.

Should Councilman Jack Messer who is a NAPD employee abstain from voting on appropriation, raises, new police cars and of tax dollars for our Police Department.

Isn't that a conflict of Interest?

For the record: documents show that Messer has only abstained 1 time on issues concerning the NAPD in seven years.

Should Councilman John Gonder have voted on the Redistricting Plan, when, at one time he was a plaintiff involved in this lawsuit?

Again, another Conflict of Interest.

Should Council member Diane Benedetti be voting on her brother Gary McCartin projects and healthcare for part-time council members?

Again, another Conflict of Interest.

Should Councilman Robert Caesar owner of Endris Jewelers downtown, be voting on any bonds or appropriations for downtown when he would have any type of financial gain for money going to help the downtown area or as a member of 1SI or voted for healthcare for part-time council members?

Again, another Conflict of Interest.

Should City Attorney Shane Gibson refrain from pleading the city's case over any and all bonds if he is to collect commission on these bonds?

Again, another Conflict of Interest.

What about the Mayor's wife. She sits on certain boards collects a check and pushes her husbands agenda.

Again, another Conflict of Interest.

You as elected officials and city employees should not be gaining in anyway, shape or form receiving commission checks or as a political favors.

We hope that one day the City of New Albany will have a Mayor who can stand up and say:

"I will lead by example and put accountability back in local government."
Several city employees and Council members have forget it's our money, not theirs!

We could go and add several other infractions of Conflict of Interest on many others employed by our city.

Nuff...said, for now!