Monday, February 21, 2011


The Common Council of New Albany, Indiana, will be having a special meeting to vote on R-11-05, a Resolution Opposing HB 1507 and The Establishment Of A Floyd County Parks District. Said meeting will be held February 23, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. at the City County building, in the third floor conference room. Pursuant to the request of Councilmen Pat McLaughlin, Steve Price, Bob Caesar, John Gonder and Jeff Gahan. Should you have any questions regarding this meeting, please see the City Clerk in Room 332.

Marcey Wisman, City Clerk

Freedom Of Speech has several questions:

1.) If Gibson had NO knowledge of this issue (Floyd County Parks District) how could he respond to Attorney Rick Fox with a three page letter?

Fact: A. He claims he doesn't receive or read the local Tribune...remember? B. Gibson read Clere recent article at the hearing he attended and claimed NO one had knowledge of this bill until then.

2.) Why is Doug England denying NO knowledge of a discussion with Rep. Ed Clere over HB 1507?

Fact: To make our State Rep. look bad and attack his creditability.

3.) Did State Rep. Clere email Carl Malysz the information with the entire bill?

Fact: Yes, and he has a copy of that email.

4.) Did State Rep. Clere have a phone conversation with Carl and England?

Fact: Yes, Mr. Clere did have that discussion with them both.

5.) Did all Council members discuss and vote on a request for Marcey Wisman to represent them at the State House hearing?

Fact: NO. If the answer was YES, then this special meeting would NOT have to be called.

The 2010 election is over. It has now became personal. You lost Mr. Gibson don't we have more important issues to deal with like: why are you being paid $50,000 plus billable hours and commission on bonding?
What another sweetheart deal you got, thanks to Mayor England!

One final thought, Mr. Gibson, in about ten months you will be back in the public sector practicing law. Do you NOT realize your income will be based on the amount of clients you have? Some friendly advice, when you burn the bridges you have, and rode the City of New Albany's gravy train for the last seven years you are in for a rude awakening!

Accept the fact, it was the democrats who reelected Mr. Clere as our State Rep. get over it and move on....

Clere 2 - Gibson 0.