Monday, February 14, 2011


The New Albany Police F.O.P. is trying to convert the holiday pay to the base pay.

The purpose of this would increase the certified wage so retirement would be more appealing to the officers with higher seniority. Under the current methods officers take more than a 50% cut in pay when they retire with added cost the retirees pay toward health insurance, and because holiday pay is not figured into CW. The results is the increased number of officers with high amounts of seniority.

So what is CW and how does it work?

* Certified Wage (CW) - The figure used to calculate all police officer retirement in PERF. CW - Base pay with 20 years longevity. To calculate what the certified wages is for a New Albany Police officer it is (base pay X 1.2).

The CW is legislated by Indiana Law and states Holiday Pay is not part of the base pay. Since it is not part of the base pay it cannot be calculated into retirement.

So what is considered base pay?

* The base pay of a first class police officer that has completed their probationary period.

If Holiday Pay was converted to base pay it would not be new money the officers would be receiving it would just be a different way of paying it to them. Since they already receive Holiday Pay in a lump sum twice a year the city already budgets for the money. The change would be officers would receive the pay during their biweekly pay checks and would not receive the two lump sum payments twice in the year.

So how is Holiday Pay calculated?

* Holiday Pay is a contractual benefit to New Albany Police Officers for having to work holidays. The current holiday pay is approximately 1% of annual salary per holiday.

There are only a few ways the retirement wage can be increased. The city can give a pay raise. The city could give additional % on longevity which would increase the (CW) Certified Wage. The City could agree to convert money already being paid into base pay, such as Holiday Pay.

Not bad for our NAPD, they received two out of the three above in 2010:

* pay raise

* additional longevity

So let us show you how the New Albany Police Department's Retirement is calculated?

The formula for figuring the % of the (CW) Certified Wage the officer would receive upon retirement. At 20 years of service the officer receives 50% of the CW. It increases by 1% every six months after to a maximum of 74% at 32 years.

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

This is nothing but the scam of all scams. What this will actually do is jack up their pensions and none of them will retire. The longer they stay with those big salaries the more they will make on their pensions.

It's bad enough that eighty five cents of every dollar in our general fund goes to police and fire.

It's time to renegotiate the police department contract.

What has happen is that our municipal and safety employees have lost the goodwill of the people they serve and protect.

footnote: maybe in the future they can stop following and harrassing private citizens who stand up and fight for the citizens and expose them for the lazy, greedy cops many of them are.

Oh, that's right, they do have a boss and his name is Douglas B. England.