Friday, March 04, 2011


Democrats are acting as if Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's demand that public sector employees give up collective bargaining would have George Washington rolling in his grave (a clear violations of Gravediggers Local 803 regulations concerning the rolling of the dead).

Government unions have nothing in common with private sector unions because they don't have hostile management on the other side of the bargaining table. To the contrary, the "bosses" of government employees are co-conspirators with them in bilking the taxpayers.

Far from being careful stewards of the taxpayers money, some politicians are on the same side of the bargaining table as government employees -- against the taxpayers who aren't allowed to be part of the negotiation.

Some politicians don't think of themselves as "management." they don't respond to union demands for more money by saying "Are you kidding me?"

They say, "Great -- get me a raise too!"

Some politicians, including local politicians buy the votes of government workers with generous pay packages and benefits -- paid for by taxpayers money -- and then expect a kickback from the unions in the form of hefty campaign donations, rent-a-mob and questionable union political activity when the run for re-election.

Sound familiar?

The unions must be desperately hoping that no one will notice...Wait a minute!

We're talking about government employees! This isn't the Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs" -- it's hey folks, we're broke and the taxpayers can't afford you anymore!

Sound familiar?

Today is black Friday for the 1,600 employees in Wisconsin.

We say, you did it to yourselves and we only wish we had Governor Scott Walker, as Mayor of New Albany!