Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Mr. Nash, what part of "NO" don't you understand?

In regards to Mr. Nash's column in the May 14th Tribune. I have a few responses.

First of all, I can spell YMCA and to insinuate I can't is a slam to the NAFC School System, which I did graduate in 1977 midterm.

I think that crosses the line just a little bit, Mr. Nash.

As far as the reason I voted "NO" on the YMCA, it was due to how it was finance and also them using citizen's property taxes to backup the loan, which you failed to mention.

I voted "NO" on the Sewer Board updates from a CPA because by ordinance and up until January 2, 2008 we were receiving monthly sewer financial reports from Controller Garry and also she is being paid extra to stay on top of Sewer finances.

I felt it was expanding government and double dipping in taxpayer's money. It's also what I consider having another person to add to another "layer of fat" we already have in local government.

I voted "NO" on the Sewer Rate Increase because we already have some of the highest sewer bills in the entire State of Indiana.

The Sewer Fund has been raided for years, even our Controller was quoted in the Tribune warning against raiding the sewer fund.

Mr. Nash, tell me why should honest, hard working citizens of New Albany be penalized for:
(1 ) Lack of Leadership
(2) Bad management
(3) Not addressing the problems immediately

So "NO" to that!

As far as a solution to our city's sewer problems:
(1) Revamp Sewer Board
(2) Micro Manage the utility
(3) Use EDIT to relieve the burden on rate payers (it's their money) and use CDBG and TIF Funds.
(4) Stop raiding the Utility
(5) Collect Delinquent Sewer Liens

Also Mr. Nash, I want the $450,000 Georgetown owes the citizens of the City of New Albany.

That was my plan.

I voted "NO" on the $2.00 a month Garbage Fee increase because I have been told from other companies that they could do it cheaper. Also, if a private company can make a profit, why can't we?

Why can we hire local citizens and just break even?

Giving rate payers a break and putting local citizens to work. That sounds logical to me!

As far as take home cars. I am not satisfied with current policy. Mileage is a problem and maintenance is a large expenditure when we get new cars they should not leave the city.

Funding for the Police and Fire Departments can be accomplished thru renegotiation of contracts just like FORD, GE, and other companies are doing throughout America.

The current employees now do not change. But, the new ones come in under a different system.

We are a city of 35 to 37 thousand citizens and cannot sustain 60 to 100 thousand dollar a year in jobs.

By taking these proactive measures in all departments our children and families will have a clean, safe and affordable New Albany.

In closing Mr. Nash, there's been far more people like you and your ideas on the City Council over the years than people like me and I don't believe in raising fees, tax and spend methods, when there are other options.

Maybe that's why our city is in the mess we are in!!!

As my mother use to say; "shut the door the heat is on, turn off the lights when you don't need them, and Stevie, what part of "NO" don't you understand!"

Thank You for your opinion and this is mine.

Councilman Steve Price
3rd District