Friday, May 14, 2010


The MSM and the Obama Administration were hoping beyond hope that it would be a white, middle age man. They wanted the opportunity to discredit any white, middle aged man that protested against their policies.

Such as us Tea Partiers!

Wrong again Obama. We carry signs and are against your policies. We do not try to blow up SUV's and attempt to kill innocent men, women and children in New York!

This week Attorney General Eric Holder tells Jake Tapper that alleged Times Square bombing screw up Fasial Shahzad was facilitated, financed and working under the direction of the Pakistani Taliban.

While that clears some things up, remember that there is still a middle-aged Tea Party supporter stalking the Nutmeg State, who is angry about the housing crisis and the health care bill, with his citizenship still in good standing, and probably linking up with our home-grown militias for more one-off attacks...

Muslim terrorists have devastate the United States society in the daylight which definitely is not the "root cause" of U.S. troubles! The "real root cause" of the existing U.S. trouble is: the U.S. Systems are completely failed from the bottom up. And to the levels that the U.S. laws and justice at the present time are crippled or unable to cope with massive Jihad-killers who have been transformed into U.S. citizens to sit next to your backyard to do harm to this U,S society as freely as the nation has allowed them to come in and achieve their bad deeds.

What is most scary is how the real terrorists have used this fool to test out the defenses and tracking systems of NYC. Sorta like "testing the water". Now the competent terrorist (domestic or foreign) now have a very good idea how the security system works in NYC.

They now have a better understanding of how the camera's are laid out, and more importantly, how long it will take authorities to respond. This may seem like an incompetent fool but maybe his handlers knew what they were doing!

One does wonder how people this stupid are given special employment visas, doesn't it?