Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We marched in 2009 and we will return this September. This time we're bringing family and friends who want to help "Take Back America!"

A great event, marching with fellow Americans who have worked hard, followed all the rules, raised strong families and achieved the American Dream.

We are all patriotic Americans united under a common goal to save our nation.

We will march together as Democrats, Republicans and Independents and protest the freedoms being taken away from us and to stand up for what our COUNTRY was founded to be...

We are sick and tired of the "crap that is going on in Washington!" and what we deal with everyday right outside our doors. Unemployment, bailouts, taxes, corrupt local and federal government, illegal aliens, are just a drop in the bucket for what is wrong.

No more reaching across the aisle until the radicals on the other side are voted out in November.

Now, together, we fight to have our freedom restored.

Date: September 12, 2010

Time: Sunday at 2pm to 7pm

Location: The Washington Monument in DC

Street: Constitution Avenue at 15th Street NW

City: Washington, DC

It's time to stand up and make it impossible for them not to recognize this movement for what it really is:

"Love of God, Love of Country, and Love of Family!"

God Bless America...