Monday, May 10, 2010


We need Comprehensive Immigration Enforcement, not reform. We need to restore respect for the law and the faith of the American people that their government is not selling them out. Amnesty for the illegal aliens is also amnesty for the corrupt companies who have been employing them.

Yes, immigration means legally becoming a citizen. The millions who enter illegally are aliens. There is no such thing as an "illegal immigrant!"

We the people of the United States of America have the right to have our borders and our laws respected and enforced.

Citizens of other countries illegally in our country has no right to demand anything from our government. They most certainly have the right to petition the government of their home countries for change if they are unhappy with their home country.

If they want to be Americans, we have a path to citizenship, more generous than any other nation, and it starts in their home country.

We need to insist on the equal protection, application and enforcement of the law or devolve into anarchy. Our Republic only functions if everyone follows the same rules. We should not change the laws to accommodate those breaking them.

If America announces to the world "We can't stop you, so come on in" with another amnesty, the deluge will be overwhelming. If 3,000 a day didn't get your attention, then wait until it's 10,000 a day.

We cannot sustain this influx and survive as a nation.

We should not let false claims of racism or bigotry be used to intimidate us into silent assent.

America is not Congress' to give away. America belongs to We the People!
It's O.K. for us to enforce our laws, no really, it is...