Friday, May 28, 2010


Barack Obama is the smartest man in the World according to his followers, worshipers and the Main Street Media, but he always needs more time than others

After 23 years of listening and being personally mentored by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama said he had NO idea what Jeremiah Wright taught - Liberals claim "Obama would have known if he had been given more time".

Did you know: it only took 7 weeks for Obama to learn to not bump his head upon entering "Helicopter 1" and only three months to differentiate a door from a window at the White House, Obama just needed time to figure all this out.

Barack Obama said he would create millions of jobs, instead his policies has destroyed 6 million jobs - his followers, worshipers and the Main Stream Media says he just needs more time.

Obama believes that borrowing and spending will reduce debt and ensure a debt free future - Barack Obama just needs more time for borrowing and spending and America will be debt free.

Let's see, what did candidate Obama promise during the 2008 campaign:
1. We'll pass Health Care Reform that will reduce cost and cover every American.

2. We'll be the most transparent Government in History.

3. We'll open debates aired on C-Span and given the American people to review any new legislation prior to passage.

4. We'll restore the economy and put people back to work.

5. We will restore the Nation to sound fiscal policy by going through the budget line by line and eliminating all wasteful spending and NO MORE EARMARKS!

6. We will finally achieve energy independence.

7. There will be NO more Red America and Blue America only the United States of America with bipartisan negotiations for all legislation.

Lies, Lies and more Lies...

How much more time does Obama need before totally destroying the United States of America?

Obama's latest mistake:

"Obama: I take responsibility but it's not my fault. I was on it from day one."

We think Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and James Carville feels differently.

Maybe some people actually take this as seriously as they should!