Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Freedom Of Speech has received a lot of emails from New Albany taxpayers. They are upset because they feel that the whole story is not being reported. Deals being cut, political favors given, and public needs being ignored.

Are local officials giving favors to their pals?

Recently, Mayor Doug England removed Steve LaDuke as president of the New Albany Building Commission, stating that it wasn't personal but wanted a local resident on the board instead.

Perhaps the mayor could explain then why his sewer board and stormwater board president, Ron Carroll - a Corydon resident - remains in the capacity, particularly in light of Mr. Carroll's stated intention to seek rate increases for both utilities that he won't have to pay.

Could it be that Mr. LaDuke would not bow to any political pressures from the mayor's office and enforced the building codes diligently?

This really should come as no surprise, since the mayor apparently puts politics and previous business ties first over what's really best for the city he claims to want to lead.

Case in point: Mr. Carroll's "affiliation with the Hughes Group", Mr. England's employer before becoming mayor again.

Sorry, Mr. Mayor, but your credibility has reached an all-time low, three years and counting!

Tim Deatrick

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Why count Mr. Deatrick? Taxpayers should be tarring and feathering England and riding him out of town on a rail!