Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Freedom Of Speech are advocates for good government that focuses on the state and local tax burden of Hoosier working families.

Governor Mitch Daniels did his part to support SJR 1 debate in his State of The State Address on January 13.

SRJ 1 opponents falsely claim they need more information before they can take a responsible SRJ 1 vote.

The 2010 property tax caps will have NO significant impact on essential service delivered by the great majority of Indiana's 566 cities and towns.

SRJ 1 opponents are afraid to debate their position outside the Statehouse shadows.

SRJ 1 opponents falsely claim they need more information before they can take a responsible SJR 1 vote. The state's non-partisan Legislative Service Agency issued on January 5, 2009 and updated report of the property tax revenue decline that every local government unit can expect as a result of the property tax caps in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

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The false claims calling for SJR 1 information is nothing more than a delaying tactic based on a cynical belief that public interest will wane and the old ways of doing business can return - a burdensome property tax on working families no matter how much other taxes go up.

The real reasons to support the single-interest property tax spenders at the expense of the property tax payers are not discussed in public.

Governor Daniels dedicated more than 10 percent of his Address to beseeching the General Assembly to "show your faith in our fellow citizens" by passing SJR 1 now. Governor Daniels eloquently made the point that "procrastination will add nothing to what we know."

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Freedom Of Speech provides information that is easy to understand about the revenues, spending, and long - term debt assumption of Indiana local and state government.