Monday, February 23, 2009


With all the pork flying around you would think Jimmy Dean was president.

The bailout package is 1/3 tax relief and the rest PORK.

Obama failed miserably with the Republican Congress and "new tone."

He failed in leadership letting the House leader give him 60 pounds of pork when he ask for 7 pounds of beef.

The stimulus package is a ticket for China and other countries to take over the USA without firing a shot.

They will own us.

We are also leaving our children and grandchildren with a legacy of debt.

He appointed 5 TAX CHEATS (with a straight face) to his cabinet and one of them actually made it through to become head of the IRS.

He should have never rescinded the welfare program, which was working very well, and made such thoughtless decisions on Gitmo and reducing the defense budget at a time when we are at an escalating was in Afghanistan, which will produce even more enemy combatants - lets put them in Pelosi's and Reid's backyards!

However. they'd rather push a bill like the Fairness Doctrine to stifle conservative talk shows, and diminish our constitutional right to free speech. If the socialist liberals want a voice on the radio airwaves all they need to do is invest in a license to broadcast with the FCC.

Flying all the way to Denver to sign the stimulus bill, after saying the sky is falling.

Promote the general welfare, doesn't mean bailouts, homes, food stamps, socialized medicine, and whatever makes you happy Mr. Obama!

President Obama needs to remember some of the Constitutional Law he once taught.

American people are riled and rightly so.

One way to stop this insanity is on April 15 everyone send in their tax forms with the words "You're fired!", no money, no check and self-proclaimed elite leaders and get some "real" people representing us that really works, really represent the masses, really understand the constitution, and most importantly, people who really love America and want her to prosper.

Would Holder like to come to our house and see if the America we live in "is a coward?"

We are white, christian. conservative and damn proud of it.

They are the cowards who have hide things on a bill that the people voting on couldn't even read, then only to have it SIT there for FOUR days until Obama gets around to signing it!

The "mayors" of the cities in the United States don't work for or answer to him. They answer to the citizens in which they work, to those who elected them.

Obama and his inner circle are just following through with their long thought out plan to bring this COUNTRY down...Talk about shock and awe.

Through his policies Mr. Obama has proven that he lacks the knowledge of what this great country was built on. Free market, hard HONEST work reaps innovation and financial gain. Some in our society forgot that a free market ONLY works with honest fundamentals as a base.

Apparently the government played a huge role in his life through financial entitlements.

Capping salaries, adjusting mortgage rates, preventing foreclosures, moving the Census, Obama has overstepped his bounds in his first month and likely insured he will be a single term...

Hillary Clinton warned us in 2007-2008 that Obama had no experience, we have to say Hillary was so right.

If expressing dissatisfaction at the current events in America can be misconstrued as "hatemongering or racist", so be it.

Many feel he has already failed by force feeding us this undefined, frivolous, pork-filled package.

CHANGE and HOPE is not a plan.

"Welcome to the old-new deal!"