Sunday, February 15, 2009


During the year of 2008 the New Albany Police Department was able to hire 6 full-time police officers bringing the manpower total to 62 at the close of 2008.

Thanks to taxpayers, Chief Crabtree was able to purchase ten new police cars in 2008!

Chief Crabtree's NEW Wish list for 2009:

* Increase manpower by at least four.
* Replace aged police cars over 100,000 miles.
* Replace aged lap top computers in police units that are failing.
* Starting the departments own towing service, to receive funds that now are going to private towing services.
* Increase report fees and start photographing crash scenes and charging for photographs.
* Add additional evidence technician unit, to ease overtime on the one we have.
* Improve the electronic crimes unit, which involves computer crimes, child porn and white collar crimes.

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

1. You have NO take home car policy.

2. Police cars are adding additional miles due to take home cars going outside the city. Why doesn't the chief agree to keep all police cars inside the city and reduce those miles?

3. Laptop Computers:

Do we provide laptops to each and every policeman? Costs of Internet service and software would be very expensive.

4. Towing:

How could we start our own towing company when we do not have the necessary equipment and trucks to do the towing?

What would the cost be to buy trucks and equipment to set up a towing service?

Would they use the garbage trucks to tow in cars?

5. Increase Report fees:

This is another joke!

Would this increase end up like the necessary fees required to open a sexual oriented business?


When the sexual oriented business went to the Court House to file and pay the necessary fees, NO one in the city administration could find the necessary forms and know one knew who was to collect those fees.

6. How are you going to pay for this "Wish List" Chief Crabtree?

Yes--this city is now a JOKE!

7. White Collar crime:

Is there White Collar Crime in City Hall?

We were told white collar crime is a crime committed by an employee or employees which runs along the lines of fraud, embezzlement, bribery, forgery, and ghost employment. It is committed by a person or persons and often goes unnoticed and they generally don't get caught by police.

Why not focus on Public corruption?

Public corruption can take funding away from our children's schools and even prevents our streets from being re-paved. And guess who ultimately foots the bill for these crimes?

Taxpayers do...through higher taxes.

Plummeting revenue, and wasteful spending prevents the city from fully staffing the NAPD. It is our opinion: If the NAFD had to make cuts and concessions so should the NAPD.

New Albany has the most generous take-home car policy in the area. Be glad you 62 officer's and city officials don't work for Louisville.

Our thoughts are: "if you work for the city, you should live in the city!"

Mayor England has been VERY reluctant to take on Police Department take home car issue, but us taxpayers consider it an obligation for council members to question: why is there "NO" policy!

New Albany needs a "common sense" approach to help clean up the financial mess the city is in now and the mess that is yet to come.

As our economy is sinking into a deeper recession!