Sunday, February 08, 2009


Inauguration is over, party favors cleaned up, bands have gone home, campaign climax has ended and reality has begun!

Time to get on with the country's business and stop pushing the Affirmative Action button with your ego of "I won".

If his media people were experts in what they were writing about, and talking about, they would be in the investment business making tons of money.

The Federal government already dictates how much water can be used to flush our toilets; where the loading port has to be located on our washing machines and what kind of light bulbs we must use to illuminate our homes.

We can't decide if Obama is more like:

1. Eddie Haskell on Leave It to Beaver

2. The Little Boy Who cried Wolf


3. My little sister who uses emotional terrorism to get her way.

If economic catastrophe is as imminent as our President warns, perhaps he and his friends in the media should stop blaming Republicans and Rush Limbaugh for the failure of the agenda-driven entitlement legislation drafted by partisan liberals in his own party.

He fooled the American people once, but he's not likely to get a second chance thanks to Nancy Pelosi's "candor."

Obama should do his job and draft a clean bill himself that stimulates the economy rather than creates new and more expensive entitlement programs and distributes taxpayer dollars to special interest groups.

The campaign is over and it's time for Obama to get to work and do the things he promised he would do.

You all elected Barack Obama to be President, not Nancy Pelosi, or us and if he continues to defer to her and her liberal agenda at the expense of the American people, then he's not the person he represented himself to be.

He obviously thinks he can convince us to swallow the pork his party is trying to shove down our throats with cleverly scripted television ads and op-eds.

Good luck with that, Mr. Obama!

"Hurry up and pass this bill before your constituents figure out how insidious and useless this stimulus bill is." Boy, does that sound familiar?

Now Obama tells us if he doesn't get what he wants, the next Great Depression is coming.

If this bill passes unemployment will go up and we will go into a depression, and you democrats will cast blame on republicans for being obstructionists and not passing it fast enough.

Just how outrageous is this shameful $819 + billion stimulus?

More than $4.3 billion is earmarked for ACORN, which worked closely with the Obama campaign, the same group accused of massive voter fraud.

* $600 million goes for new cars for top government bureaucrats.

* $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts.

* $90 million for new golf courses

* $60 million for new Frisbee parks

* $75 million to fund anti-smoking programs.

* $335 million to help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases

* $600 million for "climate change" research programs.

* $90 million for "flu" research

* $87 billion Medicaid

* $ 70 billion break for the Alternative Minimum Tax

* $1 billion for climate satellite and habitat restoration programs

* $200 million for "condom" research

How can our government spend hundreds of millions of dollars on research of condom's?

How does that stimulate the economy?

Good grief!

But it's not really a stimulus bill. It's a big government, big corruption, and big pork bill.

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that for every problem, there is a solution that involves reducing corporate or capital gains taxes, or lowering the top rate, or instituting a regressive flat tax or consumption tax.

Even the Congressional Budget Office have noted in recent studies this so called "stimulus bill" will NOT work!

Among the $110 billion in spending cuts:

* $98 million for school nutrition

* $3.5 billion for school construction

* $100 million for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Freedom Of Speech was informed by our Washington friends, that funding to computerize health records is all but gone, as is a national study on the comparative effectiveness of health treatment, and an expansion of the child tax credit for the working poor was also trimmed.

At least half the funds to subsidize state education spending were eliminated.

Also trimmed were dozens of other programs, including Superfund, Head Start and Early Start, energy loan guarantees and historic preservation.

Only 5% of this package goes for infrastructure.

It is true that we need to make real investments in transportation, energy, education and technology for the future and that our future fiscal difficulties will be eased if we make those investments now. Yet the most immediate need is to promote demand, which will restore confidence and encourage investment.

The Gallup Poll found that 80% of Americans either want to see major changes to this current plan, or they outright reject it. Politicians can call it stimulus and they can call it change, but it's just more of the same -Democrat Tax and Spend!

That's why the time to act is now. With so much at stake, our elected officials need to hear from us.

Here is what you can do - pick up your phone and call: Senator Evan Bayh right now at 202-224-3121. Let him know exactly what you think about how they intend to spend your hard-earned money!


(copy and paste or write your own letter.)

Dear Senator Bayh,

We are writing you to urge you to vote against the so-called American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

We should not enact an expensive spending bill under the pretense of stimulus or recovery. Not matter which amendments pass, the fundamental approach of dramatically increasing federal debt and spending is a mistake.

We therefore urge you to vote NO!

We cannot spend our way to prosperity, and such an expansion of the federal government will put a crushing burden on taxpayers in the long-term.

Central planning and bigger government cannot solve our problems. Excessive borrowing to fund consumption was a major cause of our economic crisis.

The first rule of holes is to stop digging, and more than $1 trillion of additional borrow-and-spend big government will only throw more good money after bad instead of trying to pick winners and losers from Washington. Congress and the Senate should cut spending, strip down burdensome regulations and allow individuals and free enterprise to flourish.

How can any reasonable person believe that our country needs another pile of consumption spending and debt that will have to be repaid out of future income?

And truth be told, there's barely any stimulus in this bill. Only about 5 percent of the expenditures in the current (680 page) package would actually go to highways and bridges, the real physical infrastructure of our country.

We therefore urge you to vote NO on this so-called stimulus bill.


We The People

Our final thought is this:

Obama's promise of CHANGE to you who voted for him is not spend, spend, and spend.

We certainly all know that are country is in trouble, but his way of fixing things seems like no change to us.

What we want Obama to do is:

* the man or woman that does not have a job to have one.

* older person that lives on a fix income to be able to have medication when needed.

* young person that has been putting into savings for his/her future to have something when that time comes.

* President, Congress and the Senate to first be Americans and then Democrats or Republicans.

If we ever needed our government to be Americans, now is the time.

Now that's a real mandate of CHANGE...Mr. Obama!

NO wonder Hillary wanted out of the Senate, she knew what was coming down the pike.

Have a safe trip to China, Madam Secretary!