Sunday, February 04, 2007


IC 7.1-4-7 requires the Alchol and Tobacco Commission to deposit four cents ($0.04) of the beer excise tax collected on each gallon of beer or flavored malt beverage; one dollar ($1) of the liquor excise tax collected on each gallon of liquor, twenty cents($0.20) of the wine excise tax collected on each gallon of wine; the entire amount of malt excise tax collected, and the entire amount of hard cider excise tax collected into the state general fund for distribution to the state (50%) and cities and towns (50%).

The sum set aside for cities and towns shall be allowcated to a city or town based upon the basis that the population of the city or town bears to the total population of all cities and towns of the state.

The auditor of state shall, on the first day of April of each year and quarterly thereafter, distribute these amounts to the general fund of the treasury of the city or town.