Tuesday, February 27, 2007


A flashback to Campaign '03...

James Garner
New Leadership
For New Albany!

* Garner will lead our city with professionalism. He will manage with a friendly business attitude.

* Garner will address the concerns of city employees to eliminate the current bitterness and low morale. This in turn will provide New Albany citizens with better services.

James Garner's Management Plan as Mayor

* Complete the long-overdue renovation of the city's sewers and set up a cost efficient program to maintain them.

* Make sure tax dollars are spent efficiently.

* Provide unity and stability for the people of New Albany. This will enable us to work together for common goals.

* Garner will hire our community residents for key positions. They will understand our city's problems and opportunities.

* Work with the City Council to resolve New Albany's existing problems and get our city government back on track.

* Have an open-door policy in City Hall to provide citizens with direct access to the mayor. You may have to make an appointment, but you will be able to get in to see him.

* Establish and maintain a realistic budget with better management and controls.

* Improve the city's relationship with local companies to stimulate their business growth and increase jobs.

* Create a working relationship with county officials to ensure the community's tax base growth through economic development.

Garner Is The Answer For New Albany's Future!

Source: Garner's Campaign 2003

Ready for the next installment of Garner Fiction?

We will give Mayor Garner credit for consistency on one front: he sure does love to spend as much taxpayers money as he can.

And he sure has honed that talent during the first three years of his failed term as mayor, offering us both record wasteful spending and record borrowing in one fell swoop.

Mayor Garner again proving that he's just another pig at the trough. The head pig no less.

When it comes to wasteful spending, mismanagement and abuse of taxpayers money Mayor James Garner is your man!

Freedom of Speech would like to know:

When will Jimmy find a new and better way to do city business and continues to hand out goodies, to the good-old-boy network or his political friends and campaign contributors!

Surely, you deserve re-election in '07...Right?