Tuesday, February 13, 2007


As Your Mayor, I Will...

* Complete the long overdue renovations of the city sewers and use my business background to quickly and efficiently put our sewer problems behind us. I will also work to find ways of streamlining our wastewater finances in order to ease the financial burden the current administration has placed on the residents of New Albany.

* Work to bring good jobs to the New Albany community by improving the city's relationship with local companies to stimulate business growth, providing opportunity for our children to stay and raise their families in New Albany.

* Work to address the concerns of city employees, including firefighters and police officers, to eliminate low morale and develop a plan to put more police officers on the street.

* Reverse our current mayor's practice of hiring "out of town" city employees and hire more community residents for key positions in city government, because I believe our residents best understand the city's problems and opportunities.

* Use my Master's Degree in Business Administration and experience as a small business owner to bring solid fiscal management to the city's adminstration, and end our current mayor's deficit spending.

* Fix our garbage and recycling program.

These are vital city services for which I will hold myself personally accountable.

Paid for and authorized by the Committee To Elect James Garner Mayor* Shane L. Gibson, Treasurer 1506 Sunset Drive * New Albany, Indiana 47150

Why, this fellow don't know
anymore about politics
than a pig knows about sunday.
Harry S. Truman