Monday, December 03, 2012


Geithner Proposal

* Increase top marginal rates, capital gains & dividends - $960 Billion

* Additional tax increases - $600 Billion

* 2009-level estate tax

* Multi -year stimulus at least $80 billion in FY 2013

* Extend Unemployment Benefits

* Permanent increase in debit limit

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Folks, there is NOT a tax problem in our country but there is a "spending" problem! The Obama Liberals can whine until MySpace comes back in style. This "Fiscal Cliff" is nothing more than an Obama's scare tactic. 

We say let the fiscal cliff happen.

Some negotiator Geithner is. This man failed to pay his own taxes for years and he has the "balls"

to want to raise taxes on others how so Democrat of him....

We would suggest people "pack a parachute" unless Obama blinks.