Thursday, November 22, 2012


You couldn't pay us a million dollars to do Black Thursday this year. What happen to Black Friday?

Black Thursday is our idea of consumer hell. 

We did it once, regrettably. We shot out of bed at 3 in the morning on Black Friday to stand in a long line to get INTO the store, and an even longer line to pay.

In the end, we saved about $75.

The main problems we have:

1) the mindset that comes with the day. You are geared to go out and spend, spend, spend. It's certainly every shopaholics dream to shop until you drop.

2) the deals are generally no better than what you find at random times during the year.

We made our Holiday gift list months in advance.

We completed all of our Christmas shopping back in May. We probably found better deals than anyone out there in that madness this morning.

So, this Black Thursday we will be enjoying a leisure drink or two, and really saving money by not blowing an entire evening spending it!

The only thing we have yet to do: is wrap all those special presents...

Happy Black Thursday to all!