Sunday, November 04, 2012

BE SURE AND VOTE ON NOV. 6, 2012.....

With the upcoming general election right around the corner.

Our readers do not need a sermon on the fact that voting is one of the best privileges that we have in a democracy!

George Jean Nathan once said, "Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote."

This is the most important election this country and county has ever had.
You might ask, what do we mean by making this statement.

If the candidate has a bad voting record you as a voter need to consider: "do you really want them" back in office?

We like many citizens are tired of the rhetoric, deal cutting, conflict of interest and mismanagement of our tax dollars and the blatant lies told by several candidates and you know who you are!

Incumbent or not. Democrat or Republican it does not matter.

We will vote for candidates whose views on issues support our family first and our community second.

Incumbents or candidates who blindly and cowardly simply follow their parties dictated direction will NOT get our VOTE!

The deal cutting and blatant lies has affected many citizens and has affected their quality of life here in Floyd County and our Country.

It is time, our time, to clean this County and Country up and get rid of the Good Old Boys.

But we cannot do it without each and everyone of you!

So, Drum Roll...Please!

Freedom Of Speech will list our Endorsements for the upcoming 2012 General Election:


Mitt Romney (R)

Indiana United States Senator:

Joe Donnelley (D)

Indiana Governor:

Mike Pence (R)

Indiana Attorney General:

Greg Zoeller (R)

State Superintendent:

Tony Bennett (R)

United States Representative 9th Congressional District:

Todd Young (R)

State Representative District 70:

Rhonda Rhoads (R)

State Representative District 72:

Ed Clere (R)

County Recorder:

Lois Endris (R)

County Treasurer:

Linda Berger (R)

County Coroner:

Lesalie E. Knable (D)

County Commissioner District 2:

Chuck Freiburger (D)

County Commissioner District 3:

Dennis Roundenbush (D)

County Council At-Large:

Larry Clemons (D)
Carol Shope (D)
Brad Striegel (D)

School Board:

Becky Gardenour
Jessica Knable (At-Large)

We wish all these candidates all the best and hope that you are prepared to make the hard decisions COME 2013!

Freedom Of Speech Staff