Thursday, November 08, 2012


Governor: Mike Pence
Attorney General: Greg Zoeller
U.S. Rep. IN. Congress Dist. 9: Todd Young
State Representative Dist. 72: Ed Clere
County Recorder: Lois Endres
County Treasurer: Linda Berger
County Commissioner Dist. 2: Chuck Freiberger
County Council Member: Brad Striegel
School Board Member At-Large: Jessica Knable
School Board Member District 4: Rebecca Gardenour

Freedom Of Speech has a lot to say:

First of all it is OUR opinion Candidate Steve Burke is "unfit to sit" on the County Council. We hope he attends more County Council meetings than he did Advisory Board meetings which he was elected to do. Just going in to pick up a pay check doesn't pass the smell test.

A message to the Ed Clere haters over on NAC  It is our opinion that Mr. Clere continues to do the job WE taxpayers pay him to do regardless of party. The petty trash talking over on NAC makes you all look SMALL and JEALOUS. Bullying doesn't cut it here in the City and County. Freedom Of Speech was proud to endorse this great candidate.

A message to Commissioner Steve Bush: Our understanding is you plan to run for Sheriff in the next election. Taking donations from Democrats with the promise of jobs cost Carol Evans the election. Don't get us wrong we didn't support her because citizens are tired of the deal cutting.

Welcome to the newest School Board member Jessica Knable. She might be small but she's a true spitfire person when it comes to kids. We know Mrs. Knable will do "a great job" as a School Board member. She will base her decisions on facts and what is best for the students of NAFC Schools.

As they say: you always save the best for last.

A message to newly elected three term School Board member, Rebecca Gardenour: You are truly a real Watchdog for the taxpayers of Floyd County. From Linden Meadows, to being a CASA case worker (and everything else in between) and a advocate for children you rate high on our list. You not only talk the talk but walk the walk and Mrs. Gardenour DOES put her money where her mouth is. She lives in the real world. She knows what kids go through. (Unlike US here at Freedom Of Speech, other blogs seems to make every attack against Mrs. Gardenour and Ed Clere personal). Do we always agree with Mrs. Gardenour? No, but we do agree to disagree unlike some others. Mrs. Gardenour will ALWAYS be a voice for the Floyd County students and the taxpayers regardless of party. Her common sense approach, knowledge of budgets, and the school system makes her the best advocate for children.

Bottom line here folks: Gardenour was the BEST candidate. 

Hmmm, could she be "our choice as a future candidate" for mayor. That has to be a great thought and a great idea...what do you our readers think?

Our final thoughts: as they say in local politics: "the democrats put you in and the democrats take you out." Now, it's truly time to clean up our city politics. This is the "WORSE Mayor and City Council" we have EVER seen.

Mission Accomplished...