Sunday, April 11, 2010


City of New Albany, Indiana Consolidated Plan: Fiscal Years 2010-2014

Linden Meadow Project Acquisition/Rehab: $100,000. (FY10)This is a project to address the condition of houses in the Linden Meadows development (ghetto), which were donated by Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services, Inc. to the New Albany-Floyd County Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO). The CHDO was not able to sustain/complete the project. The City has engaged in dialogue with IHCDA and private entities to identify a program to complete the development.

1. Sewer Board will NOT try to collect TAP-In Fees from 3 houses and God only knows how many more free Tap-In's were given.

2. Fee to connect to New Albany Sewer System is $1,800 per resident.

3. The state halted work at Linden Meadows due to structural and funding concerns.

4. Houses remain empty and unfinished and several are boarded up.

5. Three homeowners were led to believe that the CHDO Board management had paid the tap-in fees.

6. CHDO Board management defaulted on the Linden Meadows loan with PNC Bank last year.

7. The city has NO ownership in Linden Meadows.

8. New Albany Redevelopment Commission agreed to spend about $5,000 each on the 3 occupied houses for repairs that were not completed by Community Housing.

Source: Tribune, 3-25-2010

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

We need to cut our losses on Linden Meadows and put the $100,000 of CDBG money towards sewer repairs and stop throwing good money on a bad project!