Thursday, April 15, 2010


No matter where you are today April 15, whether you are in DC, at a local event, or watching the news coverage of the day, we will be united as Americans and standing shoulder to shoulder with other Patriots in presence and in spirit.

We will remind America today of the incredible gift our Founding Fathers gave to us.

As a united voice, we will stand up for the United States Constitution.

We will be one voice demanding Congress restores fiscal responsibility to our national budget. We will remind Congress, the President, and our fellow citizens what limited government and free markets can do.

You have made your voices heard at town halls across this country, so now, We The People March on Washington.

* We will begin gathering at Freedom Plaza, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW at 4:45 pm.

* We will March from Freedom Plaza to the Monument.

* Rally starts at 7 pm

* We will show the world we are united, we are Democrats, Republicans and Independence fight for our Constitution and our Country.

Set your TVO and VCR we are going to make HISTORY today!

God Bless America...