Saturday, April 24, 2010


Running a marathon is a goal that many people have, but for some reason most people don't ever get around to doing it.

The Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon and mini Marathon are growing in popularity every year. Race organizers this year have the combined entries of over 12,000 runners.

Freedom Of Speech is proud to announce that out of the over 12,000 runners of the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon and mini Marathon 2010 we have 6 staff members registered as participants to run the 26.2 mile course and the 13.1 mini Marathon.

Runners in the Derby Festival Marathon & mini marathon will start their race at the same time and place at 3rd Street and Rochester Drive near Iroquois Manor. Marathon runners will follow the mini marathon route until the Mile 10.5. Runners of the Marathon will split off the course at 7th and Breckinridge, turning right, completing the 26.2-mile distance. The Marathon route will continue east on Breckinridge to Barrett Avenue, through the Highlands area and Cherokee Park, along Cherokee Road to Baxter, Main, 2nd Street Bridge crossing into Southern Indiana, returning to Kentucky, eventually rejoining the mini marathon route at 3rd and Main.

The Marathon finish line will share the same location as the mini Marathon at Preston and Waterspoon Street.

There will be 5 separate locations to cheer our team runners on:

* Breckingridge & Brook Street

* Eastern Parkway & Bardstown Road

* Lexington Road & Grinstead - (Cherokee Park)

* Main Street & Baxter Ave.

* 2nd St. & Main Street

At the finish, runners can wind down at the Michelob Ultra Experience area with friends and team members.

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

You each have been in training for well over a year now. You've all overcome many obstacles. You have been running up and down Vincennes Street, Greenway, Community Park, Cherokee Park and almost every weekend up and down Silver Hills. You've pulled hamstrings, calf muscles and lost or broken your heart rate monitors, but, your big day is just around the corner.

Be it gratifying or grueling, unexpectedly humorous or inspirational, and now you 6 are running your second Derby Marathon. Your determination will forever be imprinted in all of our hearts and minds.

Go Team Freedom Of Speech!