Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Pelosi is the POSTER Child for the "Government doesn't give-a-damn about the PEOPLE" campaign.

She sounds just like the Mayor of New Albany!

The Modus Operandi is to rush a bill through Congress that nobody has read, or understands. Even though the bill doesn't go into effect until 3 years from now.

We simply do not understand Pelosi. She once had all the power, but now appears to be losing it through ineptitude, incompetence and downright arrogance.

Blue dogs, centrists and independents are fed up with her pandiziong and vitriolic spin, not to mention her attempt to jam a "health care" bill through, that is now even more confusing and convoluted than ever.

If, God forbid, anything were to happen to the President, she is next in line to be Vice President of the U.S.

What a scary thought.

How can anyone so highly disrespected and disliked by a plurality of Americans, be in such a lofty position?

She and her husband are allegedly worth $80+ million.

How about first class aboard a commercial airline at your own expense?

Instead of a flight home to San Francisco on a first class Air Force jet every single weekend at taxpayers expense?

Where in these bills is any provision that will lower cost?

And we agree it is wrong to drop insurance for a trivial reason, but adding another entitlement program solves this problem how?

Funny how we hear how private sector is always more cost effective, yet Pelosi states government run healthcare is more cost effective.

However, what is being offered is not healthcare reform. It is instituting another insurance company [public option/co-op] that has government underwriting to get an unfair business advantage. Most people when they hear "healthcare reform" are thinking about lowering costs.

How does adding another "payer" lower the cost without price fixing? And if you fix prices at an artificial low level why should anyone provide those services?