Sunday, March 28, 2010


Sure, we that really pay attention will know and understand what is really going on in Washington.

We've been there protesting several times!

If there are threats, specific threats, sure, investigate them as they normally would. There have been threats against government officials as long as there has been government.

We saw stories on CNN and MSNBC about phone calls that have been left to the members. We noted that they used the word "threat" several times, but the recorded messages they played included no threats, just name calling and rude messages.

Can someone honestly tell us that this didn't happen just as much on the other side when the anti-war movement was at it's peak?

Can someone honestly say that negative, crude phone calls haven't been the normal experience of U.S. congresspeople since the invention of the telephone?

It's part of being in the public eye and making decisions that are going to upset people.

The real victims in this entire healthcare vote are the American people, not the Congress members who cry "racist and accuse protesters of using the N word."

As with any news story that comes out of Washington, BS detectors should be fully functioning!

There is several video's that conclusively shows that there was no spitting or slurs, check this one out:

This video of Carson of Indiana and Lewis shows none of it during that walk. The AP carries the story that Carson said to a reporter the "N-word" was said "15 times" during his walk from the Cannon House Office Building. First of all, we are amazed he would wait around to count 15 times, and secondly, you view the video and see if these words were ever used:

We are sure that we could show many more that the "threats" are nothing in the run of things, but to listen to CNN, MSNBC, CBS and NBC, this was unprecedented rage that surely showed a murderer around every corner.

Give us a break!

Political theatre designed to smear the Tea Party and wrong-foot Republicans and make them play defense...

Our answer, "Show us who EXACTLY spit on you or called you the "N" word!" and when everything else fails "you democrats play the Obama race card!"

And when these threats and actions are verified and then laid at the foot of Tea Party members, THEN we'll talk! Until that time this is just speculation and Obama's, Pelosi's, Reid's, and democrat's planted rumors.

We marched September 12, 2009, with well over 1.3 million, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, African Americans, and every religious group on this earth. Not one arrest, nor any fights, this is all to make Tea Party groups look bad.

Come join Freedom Of Speech on April 15, 2010 in Washington, DC and see for yourselves!