Sunday, March 21, 2010


Congress has a history of destroying businesses, families, economics and lives based on good intentions. Good faith efforts are fine, but you will not be able to undo the massive damage after the fact.

The unintended consequences of this bill will destroy our health care system.

Government ran health care programs (Medicare, Medicaid and VA) are now and have always been on the verge of collapse.

If you haven't fixed the waste, fraud and abuse in these systems, why should we trust you to fix our private plan?

Should health care be improved? insurance reform? (Yes) however not on this massive scale. This Bill needs to be scraped before our country is destroyed by the massive cost in the form of money, jobs and lives.

Name one time that a government take over of anything has resulted in saving money.

How many $700 hammers will it take to fix Floyd Memorial Hospital? How many $500 bedpans will they have to order?

How much government paper work will our insurance provider have to fill out for our stubbed toe or broken bones?

Has Congress thought of all the added cost they are pulling into the system? (NO) Will our premiums go up? (Yes).

President Obama said "you can Keep your Doctor and Keep your plan". NOT if the plan goes under or our doctor drops our plan.

Think of all the mess that will be because of your vote.

Your duty is to represent the citizens of this state!

If you want to represent Obama, Pelosi, lobbyist, the big corporations or the unions, you will be accountable.

There will be plenty of Citizens who will be making plenty of campaign contributions to your opponents!

The time is coming for the American people (those that work and pay taxes) to make a serious choice, and take a stand. We're losing our country. Does anyone care?

Join Freedom Of Speech in Washington DC, on April 15, 2010.